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  • The Peculiar Oddity of Curiosity
    294 10 6

    Together they located the chest and Ingrid ordered Pandora to open it, she was reluctant and refused. With persuasion and lies Pandora was soon convinced the box could offer her gifts and she opened it... **** Curiosity is a dangerous thing. It lies in wait for every secret, every mystery. It draws you in and compels...

  • Tails of the Deep [Major Editing]
    7.7K 189 9

    'Never look at a siren in the eye'. Their ever so alluring eyes would take you into the water where they will drown you and feed on your flesh. William 'Will' Hail has vowed to avenge his father when he was taken by sirens and killed. Never trust a pirate, they say. Will you let someone you love stop you from what you...

  • The Golden Emerald [#1]
    233K 8.7K 15

    Scarlett Nyx didn't think life could get any better, or worse, for that matter. For eleven years she was trapped in her house by her unloving parents who felt she was worthless compared to her four other perfect siblings. After she convinces them to send her to Hogwarts, life changes dramatically. She makes new friend...