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  • kidnapped - marichat au
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    "You know, victims are not afraid of their kidnappers. They are afraid of what kidnappers may do to them. People aren't afraid of other people, you see, they are simply afraid of pain, and fear is the thing that leads to it, my dear princess," "Y-You want me t-to not be a-afraid?" "No. I want you to be mine," ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Follow My Lead | m.l.b
    43.3K 1.9K 12

    ❝ the worst battle you have to fight is between what you know and what you feel ❞ - × × × × × × × Marinette is a new student to the ballet studio in Paris and has slowly but surely developed a hopeless crush on Adrien, a guy in her ballet class. She can bearly manage a complete sentence when she's around him. Funny h...

  • Venom: A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction
    117K 5K 37

    Three years ago, Ladybug and Chat Noir defeated Hawk Moth--or so they thought. After getting her heart broken by Adrien, Marinette leaves Paris to go to college in England. However, when she returns, she and Chat Noir find out that Hawk Moth has come back and his akumas are more venomous than ever. But that isn't the...

  • Time
    21.6K 1.3K 12

    So maybe you can stay friends. So maybe you can find other people. But maybe you want to find each other. Perhaps you won't be disappointed... Marinette and Adrien are not in love. They do not cast longing looks at each other sometimes. They do not hold hands sometimes. They especially have not kissed since December 2...

  • Fixing All The Lies
    43.1K 1.7K 29

    *COMPLETED* Juggling her life as Marinette and Ladybug is hard. To make matters worse, things start to go down hill when a new girl shows up. She lies about who she is which starts a whole chain reaction full of lies. So much happens to Marinette in one week she feels like she's going to snap. Chat, feeling responsibl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Borderline
    33.4K 1.3K 20

    Wanting nothing other than a fresh start from the craziness, Marinette needs a new job. Now. Her entire wellbeing is counting on it. What her expectations are not accounting for is becoming the caretaker of a mentally unstable man. Marinette's boundaries are tested by a guy with multiple personality disorders, who on...

    Completed   Mature