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  • Say Something (Lams, Mute!Alex)
    432K 19.8K 33

    19-year-old John Laurens has been in college for four days before his roommate shows up. When John introduces himself, the boy doesn't say a word. So when Laurens asks for his name, he raises a hand and signs "Alexander Hamilton." This surprises Laurens just a bit, because this boy didn't look like the kind to remain...

  • Trees ➳ Tyler Joseph X Reader {Sequel to Mute} {Completed}
    1M 41.5K 113

    In which you are silent everyday, but Tyler isn't. {again, all respect to jenna because jenna is amazing and she and tyler are goals} {{it's just fiction}} {{{trigger warning: mentions of abuse, anxiety, depression, and suicide}}}

  • Social Anxiety | phan
    142K 6.3K 36

    "Oh, the things I'd do to be normal." Dan has social anxiety, which causes him to suffer from even more forms of mental illness. He envies his classmate Phil who seems to be confident and happy, but is he really? {Trigger Warning: depression, anxiety, self harm, eating disorder...}

  • In New York You Can Be a New Man
    395K 19.4K 30

    "The story of then, told by the people of now." When 19-year old Alexander Hamilton arrives at New York City, he leaves behind his past of horror and death to join America. My fanfiction/story tells the tale of the Founding Fathers as they struggle through college life, love, and drama in the 21st Century! +++++++...

    2K 224 3

    Dab blogs his life from birth to his death

  • Angel - Adopted By Lin-Manuel Miranda
    37.7K 1.4K 16

    Cassie has always felt different. Like she was made for something more. Like she was special. She had an ache in her chest that told her she would make it someday. She just knew it. And she was right.

  • Save Me From The Storm
    190K 11.4K 79

    /modern/college au/ trigger warning-mentions of self harm/abuse/death/eating disorders(warnings will be at the beginning of the chapters) - A generally sad and depressing book about self harm, abuse, eating disorders, drug addiction, self hatred, and more! - Sad and deep characters including (but not limited to) Ale...

  • Saved By Lin-Manuel
    56.5K 1.9K 27

    Elizabeth's world turns upside when she meets Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton. Her world would never be the same. - This concept is very popular, and I hope no one thinks I am copying them. If I do steal an idea of yours, I apologize now and I am very sorry for doing that, and it's was a mistake. Please...

  • Save Me
    398K 18.7K 153

    The everlasting cycle of being thrown from one foster home to another is enough to destroy a girls self love and ability to see the world as beautiful. I have been bounced from home to home since I was 10 years old. I had been placed with families that treated me like I was their own child, but also with people who...

    Completed   Mature
  • Coffee (Lams)
    493K 17.9K 32

    "Do you think God stays in heaven because he, too, lives in fear of what he's created?"-Steve Buscemi, Spy Kids 2 Hamilton wants the d(ark roast) *rereads this story* CRAWLING IN MY SKIN THESE WOUNDS, THEY WILL NOT HEAL This is a Lams coffee shop AU written from mostly John Laurens' P.O.V., but it does switch from tim...

  • The Runaway - Phan - New Version
    46.7K 1.9K 17

    Rewritten Version! Phil ran away from home, but on his first evening in London, he's run over by a car and finds himself in the hospital. The only thing he remembers is some small fragments from when he was run over, and when someone found him. Especially one detail has stuck with him from the accident a pair of beau...

  • Never Let Go - Danisnotonfire x Reader
    1.7M 64.9K 94

    - won first place in the summer 2015 x reader fanfiction awards - You feel like your life is one big existential crisis. You can't get a job, your landlord is an asshole (to put it lightly), and your mum is incredibly overprotective. You feel lost... until you meet HIM. (featuring end of 2014 - early 2016 Dan) *UNDER...

  • IRL - A Jackseticeye story
    1.1K 40 21

    Lydia came from England to Ireland for a holiday after her life and studies became to much for her as most of her family history originates there. On her first night she ended up sobbing over a pint of Guinness on a corner booth table in a crowded pub, everything seems pointless...then he asks to sit down. This kickst...

  • Last Love
    1K 44 31

    20 year old Aliyah is in for a wild ride when her and her best friend move next to danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. *There will be some minor swearing in this. If you are uncomfortable with this I advise you not to read*

  • moods / phan
    2.2M 125K 39

    in a world where your moods are visible above your head, displayed through pictures and icons, it's impossible to hide your true feelings. however dan howell seems to be lacking this. labelled as an emotionless freak, dan is outcasted because his moods are never visible. that is, until an endlessly happy boy named phi...

  • The colour grey // phan
    34.6K 2.2K 38

    Dan and Phil meet each other during school, they become best friends. When dan shows signs of weakness, easy bruising, tiredness, night sweats and pain Phil gets extremely worried and takes him to the doctors... *sorry for the shitty description*