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  • Brophy
    172K 8.2K 18

    Claudia Mitchell needed a man. Not just any man but a man that would give what she needed mentally as well as physically. The question was where you found those types of males? Claudia just find out there is a website that features all those types or men and more. She's about to leave all those lame men behind and get...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nothing On Her
    72.3K 2K 42

    Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved. 17 year old Jewel Rodriguez is the most popular girl in school , she's the captain of the dance team & most of the boys swing her way , she hate drama and all she hang with is boys. She's has that MON (money over niggas) attitude until she meets her crush, 17 year old Javoun Lewi...

  • Trust Issues (Being Edited)
    13.3M 210K 64

    Currently Being Edited. Book One: Armoni Jones, scarred but yet she still shines through. Raped as a teenager by her uncle, became pregnant and had a miscarriage. Straight A student through high school, full ride track scholarship to one of the best colleges in the State where she's on the dean's list. Jerome Jackson...

  • Love.. Sex.. & Secrets
    179K 4.7K 29

    Simone is a 18 year old teen mom with a lot of drama. Daddy Issues. Insecure. But totally different on the outside. Independent. Confident. With a sassy attitude. She's sworn off all boys but what happens when she meets a MAN. Tyreke is a 21 year old man looki...

  • The Fighter's Club #Wattys2015Winner
    1.6M 9.3K 7

    2015 Hot Genre: Urban Fiction Winner Book 1 "It was her soul that got me. I felt her way before I knew her, that's as real as it gets. I had to chase her because she was already mine."

  • Sweet Like Chocolate
    237K 8.9K 29

    Southern raised new CEO Edward Greene never expected to be put at the top of the business he longed for. When he was told that he needed more African-American workers in the office, Edward abides by hiring a few new workers of Color. Despite his hidden racist mindset, of these workers, he hires Cherry, a business woma...

  • Trap Queen.
    2.3M 66.7K 35

    Compton changed everything. In Riverdale, I used to be able to walk outside at night without having to worry about anything happening to me. I could walk outside in broad daylight and wouldn't have to worry about drive-by's. I used to be able to come home and be able to rely on a homemade meal made by mother-and...

  • True Colors
    6.4K 157 28

    There Are Always Different Sides To Each Story. His Hers & The Truth. But Some Times Truth hurts. (BOOK ONE OF THE COLORS SERIES)

  • A Thug's Beast
    2M 80.6K 30

    Tatyianna only knows pain, from a burn accident, losing her father, and the battle of keeping her mother alive. This plus size beauty is fighting an army all alone. Until she decides to go to the one person she thought she'd never have to encounter. This story isn't about the fat girl getting the hot guy. It's about t...

  • Curves and All (On Hold)
    553K 15.1K 22

    Tiana Smith. My name that is. My reputation is probably known as the fat girl at school. Momma always telling me that them girls just jealous of my "curves" or that them boys mad cause they can't have me. I swear I try to believe her, but she wouldn't understand and neither would my older brother and sister. They bodi...

  • Devilish (Urban) - Slow Updates!
    567K 15.3K 29

    With all his tattoos, gun toting, and thuggish ways, she can barely stand him. He loves to tease her, knows all too well how to please her, and has way too much of an influence on her life. There isn't a thing that Reese Baker wouldn't do for Dominic Nunes, but her limits are put to the test when Dominic makes a deadl...

  • Tough Love <3
    106K 1.5K 8

    Ciara , 16, body of a goddess. Face of an angel. "I lay there hiding inside my closed closet as my mother screamed . I was there . As he murdered her, she looked me in my eyes and whispered "stay there Ciara , I love you , don't forget me" At the age of 12 Ciara watched her mother get stabbed to death . Growing...

  • Cynthia And The Three Bedrooms
    3.1K 59 10

    Three awesome characters: Cynthiya(ON FRONT COVER!), Daniel, and Jay will take you to heaven and hell then back. You will see action, heartbreak, love, and crazyness. The streets can take you some places you really don't want to be and that is what all these characters learn.

  • Young Dreamer
    57.7K 1.4K 22

    Don't listen to the lies, I swear they all lies You know I can be your knight and shining armor, all thites Girl, they love me like I'm Prince. Like the new kid with the crown. Bunch of Underground Kings, thought you knew how we get down.

  • Passion Over A Thug
    71.3K 1K 19

    Zaya is 19 a young girl with a heart that is broken..she just broke up with her so call boyfriend Jamal because he wanted to cheat behind her back, for some reason she wants to blame herself until a guy named Santo comes along and shows her what a real man is about but he also has his trust issues. Jamal doesn't like...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pharaoh's Eye
    2.9M 71.7K 60

    Caira is a young confused female. It's always been her mother and her ever since she could remember. When this dude new Gerald with come along with his son Hakeem, he threw a twist in her comfortable life! Soon after, her mother became hooked. Officially being one big happy family her mother Moriah began putting her n...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love & War (COMPLETED)
    1.3M 41.6K 58

    Monica has been learned to be Independent ever since her mother Cali, got locked up for killing Monica's father. Living with her Grandma, she has learned how to become a real lady and focus on Important things, and not get distracted. But other than her Grandmother she has nobody there for her. Watch what happen's whe...

  • Playing the Game ©
    36.3K 178 4

    when a girl changes everything, and the consequences are grave.