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  • A "Lazy" Gamer & His Goddesses!(18+) [HDN Re;Birth1-3]
    23.4K 420 14

    -This is a [[Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1-3 x Male Reader]] story. (Be aware this was my first story so sorry if the first few chapters are sucky although it probably still sucks later on. :P) -I recommend that you read the "Tags" just so you know what you're getting into and what to expect. -Also, you do NOT ha...

    4.6K 139 2

    Y/N. A Faunus boy that remembers nothing of his life before he was five due to Amnesia. He wandered the Forest for days trying to find.... Something. He was found by Konan and Pain two members of the Akatsuki. They took him back to there base and raised him there. He thought of them all as family even if he knew that...

  • The Slayer Of Kuoh Academy (Doom x Highschool DxD crossover)
    76.4K 896 18

    The Doom Slayer has Awoken in a Strange Place humans no...demons are suppososedly friendly, but your never too sure. So he must rip and tear until it is done.

  • Even demons have a heart ( RWBY x Male SONIC.EXE reader)
    3.2K 37 3

    Y/n was wandering through a forest when he was 5 years old and stumbled upon a shrine of a sort containing the spirit of SONIC .EXE which then possessed him but only by a deal that he would help the young boy and in turn could possess y/n from time to time....

  • DBZ Girls X M reader
    694K 3.4K 33

    This is a story of the Male reader getting romantic with the females from the Dragonball franchise. To Android 18 all the way to the Supreme Kai of Time, you will date them all. (WARNING: Some of the stories may contain lemon)

  • Remnant's Love Stories [DISCONTINUED]
    116K 895 12

    This book is finished. Move along

    Completed   Mature
  • child of a true hero
    1.2K 8 4

    Oni was just a hybrid of of monster and human and the child of undyne and alphys till he met rias gremory....

  • the king of hell
    1.1K 11 5

    the almighty Titan has found a portal to another planet

  • Omegadrive
    3.2K 62 34

    800 years before the events of rwby a great warrior had sealed himself away. What will team rwby do when everyone is after him and he will travel to other worlds

  • Orphaned
    31.1K 894 22

    "Now hold still. I'll need to hide those bruises so nobody gets suspicious at the adoption center. Finally, we will have our dream daughter and get rid of worthless Penelope." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Penelope Parkerson has been abused since she was old enough to walk. One day, her parents, go and kidnap a little girl...

  • Mommy's special little boy
    222K 3K 66

    Rwby x male Jason reader. (I do not own Friday the 13th or rwby)

  • The Twin Roses
    88.1K 1K 27

    What if Ruby had a twin brother she didn't know existed. How would react if knew of each other's existence. What if there was more behind the legend of the silver eyes. I don't own RWBY [belongs to Rooster teeth]

  • Doom crossover rwby (DISCONTINUED)
    11.9K 85 9


  • Still Good Left (Evil Reader X Ruby Rose)
    100K 1.2K 11

    Consumed by hatred, rage, grief, and sadness for the death of his family, sins of humanity, and the loss of his beloved Rose. Y/N goes on murderous genocide, killing everything that gets in his way to find those who killed his family. Only one person can save him, before it's to late

  • Mega Man Zero 3: The Final Battle
    4K 57 14

    [Status: COMPLETED] It's been 2 months since Zero defeated Elpizo, from the Dark Elf, but now that her location is unknown, for the Resistance along with Zero and Ciel, but... unfortunately for Zero though.... he doesn't realize of his own body also his own fate. But after everything that Zero has done so much in his...

  • Various Females x Male Reader
    221K 1.5K 31


  • Never Look Back: A Male!Reader X Cinder Story
    64.1K 874 17

    Disclaimer: RWBY is the property of RoosterTeeth. NOTE: This story was originally a one shot made by a writer named darkprince171. I highly recommend you go read their one shot before reading this story, as I'm only going to give a really quick recap of the events. I'd also love to give a shout out to darkprince for...

  • A demon's love: crossroads love
    7.1K 190 6

    What would you do to save the one you love? Would you die? Or would you sacrifice your own life? A Yang x reader x Demon Cinder story

  • Fires Spectrum (RWBY m!reader insert)
    92.3K 1.2K 24

    this is my first story I hope you enjoy I'll try to keep it insteresing inspired by vantals tale of the hellrider (I don't own you or RWBY)

  • Fnaf 4 Nightmare x reader
    5K 87 2

    well since I haven't thought what to update on my fnaf series I decided to do a fnaf 4 x reader. If you don't know who nightmare is he is a new animatronic in the fnaf 4 game.

  • Raven X Reader
    21.2K 334 5

    While on a mission team STRQ and (Y/N) come across an abomination of a Grimm that threatens the village they are meant to protect. Now they must not only protect the village but also figure out what this nightmare of a creature is and how to possible kill it.

    Completed   Mature
  • Male Reader x All Fem Creepypasta
    152K 1.5K 13

    My new story about The reader living with all the female versions of Creepypastas. Disclaimer: I do not own any characters shown in this story.

  • Male Reader X Yandere RWBY
    20.1K 196 2

    You, a normal guy, (Y/N!) (L/N!), Attracts the hearts of 4 of the most dangerous people alive.

  • God To Human
    13.1K 253 5

    What happens when a literal god gives up everything she has for a human? There's only one way to find out.

  • Male Reader x Vampire Belarus
    30.7K 339 5

    A series about you meeting and living with vampire Belarus Warning: she can be a bit... Obsessive. Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Hetalia

  • The DOOM Chronicles
    15.9K 1.4K 68

    A full novelization of the DOOM universe. The year is 2145. The Union Aerospace Corporation is the largest company in human history. It deals in everything from weapons technology to medicine to space travel. It is worth trillions and has remote research outposts all over the solar system. But the UAC is about t...

  • Male Faunus Reader x Yandere Ruby
    69.8K 587 5

    You already know. Disclaimer: I do not own any part of RWBY.

  • Male Player x Ayano Aishi x Nemesis
    32.2K 288 6

    You just bought a new copy of the full Yandere Simulator game. But it comes with a few surprises...

  • female various x male reader
    1.3M 7.9K 198

    this one is about female characters x male reader and i don't own any of the female characters in this story as well i do not own any media or images content in this series Warning: This following book series may contain depression,incest,sucidal,yandere, lemon and loli characters if you are weird it out or gross it o...

    Completed   Mature