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  • Coco: Remeber Me (Miguel x Reader)
    152K 3.6K 12

    Miguel's friend is (Name) (Last Name). Who move to Santa Cecilia. Ernesto de la Cruz's home town. Her papa sells guitars for a living. After her mama die and her papa pack their bags and move to Santa Cecilia to sell even more guitars. And to forget about the death of his wife. Which is something (Name) would like to...

  • The Lorax: Unless
    91.7K 2.1K 13

    There are two separate character in the story that you play as. And they both have the same name. One is a child that want to fine out what happen to the trees. The other is the Once Ler's wife that's believe in him from the beginning but startes to lose fate as he goes down a dark path. (Once Ler x reader) and sort o...

  • Disney Genderbend
    490K 10.4K 63

    Hey guys I'm trying something new. The Disney characters now have their genders reversed. But the question is, can you win their hearts? Pictures made by: Sakimichan

  • dark disney secrets.....
    36.6K 1.1K 10

    Spooky or disturbing facts about what everyone thinks to be the purest company.