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  • Her.
    15.5K 532 71

    Is it wrong that I love her?

  • Kumo's Surgeon of Death
    199K 4.4K 15

    Naruto neglected and disowned by his family, runs from the village that brought him so much pain. He finds a cursed sword and 2 bloodlines that will help him in his quest to become the greatest ninja and an even better doctor. I do not own Naruto or One Piece. They are property of Kishimoto-sama and Oda-sama.

  • Assassins of Chaos
    156K 4.4K 14

    I thought they liked me. A new camper comes and they leave Me for him. Not that that bothers me, but she left too. Even worse, he's my brother. Who am I? I am Percy Jackson, Chaos' number one Assassin/Warrior and The Betrayed

  • Percy Jackson Son and Elemental of Chaos
    140K 3.5K 16

    Percy Jackson was forgotten and had everything taken away from him. Just when he was about to be killed by Zeus, Chaos had come and changed his life forever. Not gonna lie, kinda cliche, but I put my own spin on things and made it, at least, a tiny bit different than some of the other stories that are just alike. [CU...

  • Percy Jackson, The Missing Hero.
    6.1M 147K 63

    Nathan Burns. I want to kill that boy. For he is the cause for everything in my life to be ruined. Ever since he arrived at camp six long weeks ago I have wanted to rip his head off his shoulders. But sadly he was my brother. He claimed to be 16, two years younger than me, so that meant Poseidon had broken the Oath a...

  • Nerd to Badass
    1.1M 36.9K 39

    olive is a shy chubby girl. she had been bullied by her twin brother -kyle- and the whole school ,ever since her parents died in a freak accident. after a jock and plastic barbie messes with her during lunch she runs away. but where? this may start out like all the other books out there. but it won't end like that. r...

  • CINDE, The Kings Mate. (boyxboy) [COMPLETE]
    2.3M 98.1K 33

    Cinde, that's his name. A slave to his family and to anyone he might know. When the eclipse comes to town the werewolf kingdom's only hope at surviving is gathering in the castle, where a shard of moon rock is perched high, graceful in its standing. When he is banned from the ball however the only thing he can do is s...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Sins (naruto fan-fiction)
    94.5K 2.6K 14

    What if naruto wasn't the same knuckle head that we know of what if he was smart, what if he was strong not just from the kyuubi or his sage mode, what if naruto was given a special gifts from a dying man to give to another whom meets the 'requirements' of these gifts when naruto starts dying, what would happen to him...

  • Ready, Set, WAIT!! (Naruto fanfic)
    76.7K 2.4K 12

    Who would've thought there was another ninja exactly like Naruto? Well not in this story! Hikari Yami is almost Naruto Uzumaki's opposite. Almost, in that she's more serious about things most of the time. Hikari befriends Naruto on graduation over a bowl of ramen, and from there, their friendship grows. Naruto cares a...

  • In the Coffin [boyxboy]
    503K 23.8K 77

    Max's life is a story of failure; he failed school, sucks at sex and he lives at home. He decides it's time for a change, which begins with him trying to get a career in medicine. But night classes at university just aren't what he expected when a mysterious guy catches his attention... Cover by GuwapongDyosa

  • A Deadly Magical Demigod (HP&PJO ff)
    95.4K 3.7K 21

    Hecate needs help. Someone is trying to bring You Know Who back from the dead. There is only one god who can help her. And he only has one son to do his quest for him. What will happen to the Ghost King in Hogwarts? What does it have to do with The Chamber? How is Nico related to the founder Salazar Slytherin? ~COMPLE...

  • Thickening Shadows (Percy Jackson/Rise of the Guardians Crossover) - Completed
    118K 4.4K 17

    Nico Di Angelo made the ultimate sacrifice when he chose to be the one to close the Doors of Death; and it didn't go unnoticed. The Man in the Moon brought him back, but what for? With Pitch's return, Nico will have to find out soon, or lose himself to the thickening shadows.

  • But I Call It Love. (Nico/Anubis)
    7.6K 324 4

    Nico is banished from the Underworld- well, Hades sees it as grounding. Why? 'Cause Persephone doesn't like toxic purple paint and puke green feathers smearing the new Aniversary dress Hades brought her. He definitely doesn't want to go to Camp Half-Blood. The mocking and taunting is leaving faint marks on his shell...

  • Obsidian Butterfly | Hunter X Hunter Fanfic
    62K 3.2K 16

    Greetings humans. I am terribly sorry for the fact that this fan fiction, created by the author, has no description. The author forbade me of spoiling any distinct detail of such that can relate to the plot of this story, such unforgivable law, is it not? Although, the author did tell me that I am quite similar to th...