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  • For You Blue
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    From The Beatle Who Vanished, Jim Berkenstadt: "DJ Bob Francis observed a homesick George trying desperately to reach his girlfriend, Pattie Boyd, on the phone with the time difference problems." From ..." George Harrison Behind the Locked Door, Graeme Thomson: "The tour of Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand in Jun...

  • walk along fire
    3.4K 115 50

    Tammy Less is a young woman with many problems ... Can true love solve all these problems? Will Tammy let, Julian Lennon come close to her, or will she reject him in fear of love Which she has not known what love is for the last years of her young life? Can he heal her? **Walk along fire is a work of fiction. As such...

  • Come Back To Me Sweet Love of Mine
    6.3K 214 30

    Note: This is my rewriting of history, and essentially a "what if" story. This fanfic was inspired by the movie "Thelma and Louise" and a Spanish film called "Dispara". Some of the dialogue is spoken in Spanish, although I'll try to add translation in the comment boxes. Also, this story goes to some dark places, inclu...

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  • In Love With My Girlfriend's Best Friend
    4.9K 207 16

    Jane Asher's best friend Violet Draper comes to London for a visit. During Violet's visit, she stays with Jane and her boyfriend, Paul McCartney. Paul welcomes her with open arms and the longer she stays, the more he begins to fall for her. ~Based on a dream that I had~

  • Si Jane hubiera dicho "Sí"
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    - ¿Bueno? -Jane... - ¿Paul? -Sí, escúchame bien. Escapemos juntos, si tú aceptas, yo dejo a todos por ti, nos vamos y dejo a Linda botada aquí. ¿Qué hubiera pasado si Jane hubiera dicho "Sí"? OJO: Todos los hechos que se presentan en este fanfic SON FALSOS, no tienen interés de herir la sensibilidad de nadie, y...

  • Another Girl
    866 47 9

    The year was 1965. Paul was busy bedding just about every girl he saw, not to mention the on again, off again girlfriend he had back home. Then along came Susan, who threw him for a loop! Wanna know what happened?? Read my story and find out!

  • Lady Madonna
    3.3K 117 4

    Lucy Daniels, editor of Rolling Stone magazine, single mother of one. 1971, New York. John Lennon's Imagine in the works that early July. She's got no patience or sympathy for the man who's left her and their child behind. When she's assigned to coach a new journalist at work, she comes face to face with the man who s...

  • 1963 | J.Lennon
    14.2K 521 19

    A lot can happen in one year, and no one knows this better than The Beatles themselves. Life turns from the regular mundane, and sometimes even scary push and pull of Liverpudlian life, to a rush of gigs, recordings, and meetings. Sleep is luxury and an excessive work ethic is necessary. For John, a man always in need...

  • You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - A Beatles Fanfic
    20.7K 836 41

    At the height of Beatlemania, John Lennon had it all; Fame, fortune, and a loving wife and baby waiting at home. Why, then, does he find himself drawn into the arms of another woman? **story contains mature content** This story is loosely based around the rumors of a secret relationship between John Lennon and Alma Co...

    Completed   Mature
  • Memories on the Wall
    13.8K 172 19

    My attempt at rewriting history...