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  • Nalu One Shots
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    Be prepared for a wide variety of Nalu fics! Sad, cute, or a little of both! You will either hate me, or love me. ~I'll tell you now that I don't own the amazingness that is Fairy Tail, or any of it's characters,~

  • Wrong Number (A NaLu FanFict)
    67.4K 2.5K 15

    Usually when you call the wrong number you apologize for the inconvenience and that's it that's all. But what happens when you send a picture to the wrong number and they send one back? I know, I know it's cheesier than a grilled cheese sandwich but give it a try. And follow me please. That's all

  • Armed & Dangerous ~Gajevy~
    14.2K 902 11

    Chief McGarden. Strong. Confident. Fairly Brave. Sneaky. Levy is head of a certain police force that's really strong. Levy usually shows no mercy and gets the job done right away. Until, she's asked to be an under cover cop. She's not used to... sneaking around a lot and acting. She's better at getting out her gun an...

  • Dragneel's maid (NaLu fanfic)
    90.9K 3.8K 21

    Lucy's no good dad sent her a letter saying that she should pay her father's debts to the Dragneels', furious she goes out to find a job but is unsuccessful so she goes to the dragneel residence to apologize, Igneel Dragneel helps her out and makes her a personal maid of his son, Natsu Dragneel. Now living at the drag...

  • My Neko-Boys | NaLu
    57.1K 2.9K 24

    Lucy Heartfilia lives on her own in a flat in Magnolia. She comes home from work one day to find a box outside her door, so she takes it into her house and opens it to find an adorable surprise. Little did she know her life was about to change dramatically. All characters belong to Hiro Mashima♥ Started: 20th November...

  • Gajeel and Levy One-Shots [GaLe] {Fairy Tail}
    69.2K 2.1K 12

    ♡ Little stories dedicated to Gajeel & Levy ♡ →I don't own Fairy Tail or the characters, all that goes to Hiro Mashima →If you have an idea for a one shot that you'd want me to write, just message me and we can talk :) →I don't know how often this will be updated. It could be three days or three weeks, I'll update wh...

  • The Puppet Master{A GaLe Romance}
    53.9K 2.6K 12

    Puppets brought to life and a strange king. Just another day in the Kingdom of Magnolia for the puppet maker Gajeel Redfox, till he gets an invitation to the castle from the king and Puppet Master himself.

  • Lucy Heartfillia's Revenge
    41.3K 1K 7

    It was a normal day at fairy tail and lisanna came back from the DEAD!! Everyone's been celebrating bout it. Team Natsu walk up to her and said she was out of team natsu. After that Lucy's planing on revenge on fairy tail.

  • I hate you all
    107K 2.7K 14

    When Lisanna came back from the dead everyone but laxus, gajeel, lily, juvia, evergreen, bixlow and freed ignores Lucy. What happens when team natsu plus Lisanna asked Lucy to go on a job but Lucy gets injured will she ever forgive them.

  • Forgotten [A Fairy Tail Story]
    171K 5.3K 14

    Lucy had everything. Friends Family A Crush But when Lisanna comes back from Edolas, she steals everything from her, she has been Forgotten, but when she gets taken by the Dark Lords, a year goes by, and no one notices that she is gone, until Master annocences that Lucy has 'pasted' when she really was captured and ta...

  • lucy the dragon princess
    37.2K 937 10

    lucy has been ignored by th guild because lissana has returned from the so called dead. Then lucy found out that she is the princess of the dragon's after she quit the guild.

  • Lucy's Revenge
    106K 2.3K 14

    When lisanna came back lucy became nothing her guild mates trow there magic to her and no one speak to her except wendy laxus mira gajeel romeo and exceeds.... Well find out what happened next better read thank you Good bye!!!

  • "Weak, huh?"
    42.7K 1.1K 5

    Ever since Lisanna Struass came back, Fairy Tail had been partying. It started at a reasonable time, but then soon they had been partying for 6 months. Poor Lucy Heartfillia had been ignored the whole time. Exept Wendy, Charle (Is that how you spell it?), Romeo Gray and the Master. Things started getting worse. Days...

  • FairyTail High : Cheerleader (Musical)
    48.2K 1.5K 15

    Yes, this is a Musical. Yes, I will use some songs from High School Musical. No, I Don't own the characters from Fairy Tail. Yes, This is a Natsu x Reader ~ Enjoy!