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  • The Runaway.
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    What if you were The Runaway everyone was looking for but that nobody could find because you always left without a trace? What if you had met a boy, that changed the course of your life by falling for you? What if you were put on earth to do a certain task, but couldn't fulfill it? "The Runaway" 2016. (Cover by; @s...

  • Checkmate | JB
    46.1K 1.4K 11

    "Checkmate bitch, I won." ♔ "this story was just soo genius i was kind of skeptical in the beginning chapters and i was so unsure of what was happening and where it was leading until it took that crazy turn and i just can't fathom how GENIUS this story is oh my gosh you're amazing girl" - bieberstune ♔ "This is probab...

    Completed   Mature