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  • Would You Rather | MysticMessenger
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    The title says everything Heads up there will be some dirty ones

  • Smash or Pass *anime style*
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    Smash or Pass Comment of what you think These pictures do not belong to me Boy characters only!!! (Girl characters coming soon in a different story)

  • The Ruler of Vampires (DISCONTINUED)
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    Hello my name is (Y/N). I have a best friend named Ash and he is half neko and half pureblood. We met when I was three and found him alone in the woods. We became best friends forever after that meeting. One day when I was five my parents were killed by a group of legendary vampire hunters, but after they died they tr...

  • Steps To Becoming A FANGIRL!!!!!
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    This is what I believe the phases to becoming a fan girl are like Sorry if the pictures aren't accurate 😕

  • Cute/Funny anime pics/memes
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    Read the title Here are so cute pictures and funny memes for you to see Updates every day (I do not own any of these pics or memes)