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  • naïve
    2.1K 261 114

    an ongoing collection of the ups and downs of my life in poetry from around October 2016 up until the present date :)

  • Her.
    1.2K 154 47

    A collection of the letters and little tidbits I've written to her / about her in the past eight-ish months. She's my girl now :) ✨💛✨

  • vanilla twilight
    251 69 20

    these poems aren't connected, just random thoughts. this is the abyss of my brain, you can enter if you'd like. but don't forget to wipe your feet on the welcome mat. ((i'll fix the cover later, i have one ready))

  • for the clouds
    7.9K 1K 119

    this is my second poetry book~ none of these poems are connected, and they reflect my thoughts, pieces of my life, etc. welcome to the realm of my mind and the cemetery of my secrets i hope you enjoy! -all photography is miNE -lowercase is intended for stylistic purposes -i found the cover picture on pinterest

  • maybe i'm dreaming (COMPLETED)
    94K 4.8K 201

    a sky full of poems, none of which connect (stars without constellations) this is a compilation of almost every aspect of my life in poems, as well as some fictional elements too i hope you enjoy my cemetery of secrets -lowercase is intended for stylistic purposes -aLL photography iS MINE -title was inspired by the ow...