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  • An Artist's Touch - [ryden AU] {COMPLETED ✔️}
    125K 8.7K 41

    "You're like a fire; igniting the deepest parts of my soul." * * * [credit for idea: @/ililydun on tumblr, given permission to make into a fic.] Started: July 4, 2016 Completed: January 29, 2017 HIGHEST RANKS: #ryden: #31: 10/13/18 #17: 11/2/18 #8: 11/16/18 #1: 12/18/18 #rydenfanfic: #1: 7/3/18 #ryanross: #24:...

  • Hold The Pose (Ryden, Joncer) [by zarah5]
    2.5K 95 6

    In which Brendon cleans the apartment of published author Ryan Ross to finance his college studies, and Spencer opens up an Indian style café and hires Jon to brew his fair trade coffee. Excerpt: Brendon sorts through Ryan's bathroom utensils while Nirvana is blasting from the speakers in the living room. Two tubes of...

  • Joncer Standalones
    3.6K 144 9

    Disclaimer: None of the fics in this book are mine. As the title says.

  • apparitions and other everyday abnormalities
    7.7K 401 8

    Ryan’s mother has completely fucked up his life by uprooting them and moving them back to Vegas, back to his hometown. He was expecting to be alone in a new place with no friends. What he wasn’t expecting was to find his house rather occupied by an uninvited guest that doesn’t seem to be able to leave. (ericasaur on l...