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  • Clash of Kingdoms - Tales of Gorania #3
    137K 507 7

    [Sequel to FEATURED story: The Warrior's Path] While Masolon starts his reign with a rebellion that tears his kingdom into two factions, he has to stand against Goranian realms that have united for their first time ever, only to oust him from the Bermanian throne. The warrior, who has abandoned his path for the sake...

  • The Traitor's Daughter
    153K 6.4K 34

    When Elizabeth Ledford was ten years old, her father was wrongly accused of committing treason against the crown. He was arrested and labeled as a traitor, then promptly executed. Elizabeth was forced to watch her father die, and had to face the wrath of those who framed him. Nine years after her father's death, Eliz...

  • A City in the Air (A Steampunk Adventure Novel)
    420K 22.8K 31

    Highest rank #1 Steampunk--- In a world ruled by inventors, where magic is outlawed, everyone expects the twin daughters of London's top-ranking innovator to follow in his magnificent footsteps. Except on act-first-think-later pilot Harlow Morgan's list of things to do, becoming her workaholic father ranks dead last...

  • Dark Age Maiden
    576K 23.6K 52

    Lady Carina has boldly told her father, lord of the manor, that she will not marry the man he has chosen for her. Soon, she comes to know the power of love. But is it too late? Enemies assail the fortress, where her family, knights, and peasants fight to keep them out. Their horses and cattle have already been stolen...

  • The Other Daae Girl || Phantom Of The Opera Fanfiction ||
    370K 12.1K 41

    Catherine Daae is not a faithful person. She doesn't care for fidelity, for stories or for love. Engaged at sixteen, she's ready to end her life as a child and start again as a married woman - as loveless as her marriage will be. That is of course,until she gets fired from La Scala in Italy. When she is hired at the O...

  • Shield Breaker (Soul Seeker #3)
    70.2K 6.9K 64

    Darius has changed the game. Ciara isn't sure who to trust anymore. As the shadows close in around her and once-faithful friends become enemies, Ciara must flee for her life. More alone than ever before. More broken than she's ever been. Secrets have shattered her world, so she travels north in the hopes of unraveli...

  • Teaching At An All Boys School
    19.3M 764K 45

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction || Coral Stewart is a nerdy seventeen year old girl who is way too smart for her own good. She has already graduated and has been hired at St Martin's, an all boys school. The only problem with this is that she has to attempt to teach four boys History - and trust me when I say t...

  • Tempest
    33.3K 1.7K 22

    [Tempest Series #1] "What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams." -- Werner Herzog For three years, Tessa has known Camp Half-Blood. It's her home, her training ground, the only place she can be safe as a daughter of Poseidon. However, the more she longs for the...

  • The Fourth Protector (Book 1)
    9.6M 570K 72

    For 2,000 years, men have ruled over the four kingdoms as protectors of the land. Until now. Lena is the first female protector since the original five. Born seconds before her half-brother, Anwar, her father has been able to keep her existence a secret from the other protectors. But due to unforeseen events, Lena...

  • Tattered
    33.1K 2.7K 19

    For the warriors of Geatland, there is nothing greater than glory. For Brynhildr, daughter of Geatland's king, it is the only way to prove herself. Born with a freakish appearance, Bryn bears an eerie resemblance to the trolls, the vicious monsters that have terrorized her father's lands for generations. And with the...

  • White Stag (PERMAFROST #1)
    1M 57.2K 84

    Don't show fear. Don't attract attention. Don't forget who the monsters are. Those are seventeen-year-old Janneke's three rules to surviving in the Permafrost. Her family is dead, her village burned to the ground, and now she's a slave in a court of merciless goblins. Though her master, Soren, offers her a small spher...

  • The Lady Knight
    2.8M 113K 49

    As the first Lady Knight of Monrique, Lady Juliette Van Helsing regularly deals with all kinds of criminals who threaten the peace and security of her country. When a string of brutal murders among the nobility take place in quick succession, leaving behind one puzzle after another, she begins a race against time to f...

  • Dragons' Queen
    15K 731 4

    Book 3 in the Dragon Series

  • Awakening: Prodigy [hiatus due to extended contract - 2 weeks until next update]
    74.2K 6.9K 96

    Awakening: Prodigy is a non-romantic dark fantasy novel. A Hunter who has seen the end of the world. A Champion swayed by a promise of power. A Guardian who has lost faith in humanity. Seth Wright knows he's going to die in the Demon War. The squad captain has one year to improve his odds of surviving his mandatory...

    8 1 2

    The more you know...the more danger you are in... Dont you dare to find the hunters trail... Campers and hunters combine prevail.... The hunters curse must one withstand... And one shall perish by their parents hand. "Will Catherine save Julie and Princess Delancy???"

  • Morrenota Caves Secret Adventure
    618 25 7

    This story is about 4 friends who goes on a trip to morrenota caves while they were on a picnic....they go inside the caves and turn into spies.....and go into new adventures and mystries........

  • Romantic Tales of My Lords and Ladies
    715 47 5

    In a world where women are supposed to be demure, seen and not heard, my heroines deign to defy the conventions and forge their own destiny... In a world where titled gentlemen are wary of fresh-faced debutants, my heroes stumble across ladies who not only spark their intellectual imaginations but also astound them by...

  • Raven Girl
    354K 22.8K 49

    Nadine is an 18-year-old thief living in a nation of darkness. The people of Ravenna never come out during the day - not unless they want to be killed by the daylight horrors: unseen flying monsters that plague the skies. When a plot to steal Ravenna's Crown Jewels goes terribly wrong, Nadine finds herself teamed up (...

  • The Stolen Papyrus
    245K 18.8K 63

    ✔ BOOK ONE--She doesn't carry a whip or wear a fedora, but Michaela does know how to use a shovel to dig for artifacts. However, what she didn't expect for the excavation in Egypt was discovering would have to work with the one person on earth she never wanted to see again--Xander. Or that she would be dragged into th...

  • Annabeth Chase at Hogwarts
    8.9K 150 44

    The title says it all. I don't own Harry Potter or the Percy Jackson series.Also they are eight teen in this one.

  • Your Majesty // h.s.
    754K 23.5K 35

    "Do You know what happens to people when they lie to me, Katarina?" He looks me straight in the eye. "No your majesty." I barely whisper. He puts more pressure on my hips as he pushes me harder into the wall. His lips touch my ear as he leans down to reach them. "They get punished." A king and his submissive ~~~~~~~~~...

  • Queen of Thieves
    3.5M 191K 64

    A tale in which a thief with a double life grudgingly becomes a hero. ➳ Liana Mason has a life anyone would envy. Rags to riches. Pauper to princess. Nobody suspects that the once orphaned girl grew up to be the city's most notorious thief. But that's what she is - a con artist, a thief, a criminal. It's what she's be...

  • Seize the Day (Wattys 2014 Award Winner)
    1.6M 79.2K 33

    * A Wattpad Featured book! * ** Winner of the 2014 Wattys Instant Addiction Award ** In a world of magic and chaos, seventeen-year-old Lannie Brackenbury has only ever wanted to be alone in Aria. Two years after her mother's death, Lannie has finally found a place in the world where she can live peacefully. But wh...

  • Upon A Time
    1.5M 56.5K 32

    A blacksmith's apprentice who would be a knight. The heir to the throne, at death's door. One woman who would save them both, if she could... Charlotte was number sixty-four in the second group of young, hopeful maidens intended to meet the Prince at a grand ball in his honor. That introduction was not to be. She retu...

  • A book of magic
    19 2 1

    Nicole is just normal,cuiet girl, She is super smart ,so she spend most of her time in libary. She was always wandering how world wold look like if magic exsit. Her dreams and imagintations wold become real worl when Nicole discover book of magic and she is only one who can save magic world.

  • The Forbidden Lands (Wattys 2015 Winner)
    891K 53.5K 33

    Evelin is known as the wild Fendway sister. She dreams of someday escaping to the Forbidden Lands to the west, despite the rumors of its danger and dark magic. Evelin escapes to the lands and finds them to be not exactly how she expected. The creatures there need help, and only Evelin will save them. On a journey fil...

  • Shadow's Edge (Shadows Saga bk1)
    220K 14.5K 27

    In the world of magic there are only two options: learn control, or risk becoming the one thing everyone fears. On the anniversary of her parents' death Mara Collins must face more than her own grief; she must face a hidden world. When a series of accidents over the past eleven years leads to her discovery of witches...

  • Knight | Celeste Academy Series BK #1
    7M 323K 61

    Life for Valeriana Kerrigan has recently taken bad turns; her father dies, her best friend leaves and her mother is fighting to keep their life together. But in spite of all the imperfections, there are upsides. She gets accepted into the university of her first choice and is walking down a path of her dreams. Until...

  • The Hunter Academy
    886K 48.2K 76

    Chase Archer is the daughter of two of the best Hunters in History, Leila Archer and Mason Archer, except she doesn't know that. In fact she thinks she's a normal girl who's biggest challenge in life would be completing school. Well at least she's half right. On the midnight of her sixteenth birthday she gets whisked...

  • Cinder Falls 💫 [Preview] {FCRA's Awe-Inspiring Antagonist Winner!}
    253K 60 1

    [PREVIEW ONLY] Winner of the FCRA's Awe-Inspiring Antagonist Category! Ember has grown accustomed to the cruelty of her Magix family. They laugh at her, mock her, give her rags to wear and cinders to sleep upon, proving that kindness is a gift, and she will never receive it. Everything changes when the bastard prince...