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  • Shades of Grey, No More
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    Draco Malfoy, the boy from Slytherin, the boy Harry Potter never could get along with, along with Ron and Hermione. For he was just seen as a bully and a person who could careless to anyone. Then there was Hermione Granger, the person who everyone wanted to be. For she had it all from the brains, the beauty and the...

  • You Are My Mockingjay- Watty's Finalist 2013
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    Capitol High was anything but normal. You had your jocks, your nerds, and the typical peer pressure in life to work around. For Cato Zane Marshall and Clove Denise Kingston they were the typical friends who grew up together at a young age and always stood by the other. From a drunk father to one who had serious med...

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