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  • Art is Fleeting, My Little Bomber, Un. (A Naruto fanfic!)
    793K 23.4K 79

    What if Deidara had a little sister? What if he loved her like he loved his art? What if she was like her brother? and even had the hand mouths? Well, this is a story about her. Her name is Emiko. Emiko is a explosion happy girl, and often refered to by her big brother, little bomber. Reason for the name of the story...

  • SUZAKU: The Red Maelstrom
    388K 7.3K 42

    There are few things in life that Fuyu Kohana could confidently say she truly cares about. Orphaned and ostracized, one would think that she would be the last person to know what it means to possess the Will of Fire. However, as she embarks on a journey alongside a certain dysfunctional team, she must face the demons...

  • [Dropped] Too Smart For My Own Good (Shikamaru Love Story)
    113K 3.2K 16

    Naomi. No one knows her last name. No one cares enough to ask. She's your average outcast in the village, only she's a genius. As smart as Shikamaru but as worthless and untalented as Naruto, she strives to be noticed. So when Shika finally does and her life takes a turn for the worst, can she return to the man she lo...

  • Everything that has a Beginning has an End... (Naruto Fan-fiction)
    48K 1.4K 17

    This is my second Naruto fan fiction, so it should be better. I know I still haven't finished the first one, but oh well. Hitokage Deba was an abused girl. Orphaned at 10 by a loving mother and then abused by her foster parents. A misfit in school. She was secluded. But, in the safety of her locked room, she was safe...

  • Bang Goes my Heart Beat (Deidara Love)
    17.2K 376 11

    Deidara encounters a young dancer at Suna. Kokoro is a dancer and loves every minute of it, but soon her family is to merry her away. On her last tour she encounters a mysterious blonde and discovered a plot that takes her away from her destined fate and off course on an adventure.

  • Silent love (Sasori fanfic) COMPLETED
    143K 4.4K 14

    Kiko, Deidara's sister, is a mute due to a traumatic incident with Deidara's explosions. Joining Akatsuki and being placed in a team with Deidara and Sasori, Kiko starts to slowly find love with the silent puppet master. Can Sasori, a puppet, love her back? Will Kiko ever find her voice again?

  • Give 'Em Hell, Kid [A Naruto Fan Fiction]
    144K 4K 19

    Eira Kihara is a young girl who mysteriously turns up in Konoha. Where did she come from? Where are her family? Who told her to come to Konoha? You're about to find out... She lives by one short phrase, one quote that was told to her not long before she mysteriously appeared in Konoha. And that is - Give 'em hell kid...

  • Mine, Even in Death
    35.6K 1.1K 6

    Peiji Andorusu was just a normal Konaha rouge, well, as normal as a rouge is allowed. But after a brief fight with a group of Konaha ANBU, she seemed to have attracted unexpected attention. Will her unusual personality, along with her violent streaks, keep her alive? Or will somebody else take on that responsibility...

  • Out of One World and Into the Next (Naruto FanFic)
    508K 13.8K 64

    Lux is a five year old orphan living on the streets, then one day out of the blue she finds herself in the Naruto world 3 years before the series really begins and ends up with the most unlikely to find out who! ALSO book 2: The Return Of LUX the sequel of this story has been added onto this.

  • Ghostly Love (Naruto Fanfic) (Gaara Love Story)
    564K 15.9K 26

    Yurei Nakamura was always special. And not special as in unique like all the other people with different Kekkai Genkai, but actually special. She can see and talk to ghost. Sounds odd and hard to believe, but it's true! Of coarse, no one believed her. So when Yurei and her family come to the Sand Village intending for...

  • ❝Speak❞ - A Memoir (Book 1)
    178K 8.2K 21

    A Naruto Fan-Fiction ~~~ My life was never normal, and I doubt it ever will be. Even still, my life spiraled into chaos on one particular day. That day I started the painfully terrifying battle for my life. Yes, I said the battle for my life; meaning that if I didn’t participate, I would’ve died. I’m not trying to g...

  • Rained on my Heart (Gaara love story)
    111K 2.3K 22

    Calienia Moonsilver has lost her family, village and best friend. Her heart is almost torn completely, she doesn't believe in revenge but has built walls up around her so thick and tall that no one could break threw them. When Calienia meets Gaara of the desert, can he change her ways like Naruto did his? Find out in...

  • The Demon Within [Naruto Fanfic]
    28.6K 968 6

    [Discontinued] Dragio is off on another adventure, it seems. This sequel to 'Dragio [Naruto Fanfic]' goes through a bunch of bumps and curves before we get to the whole truth of the matter. What does this mean? Heck if I know. With explosions, angry mobs, a panda for a Kazekage and a drunk for a Hokage, how will peop...

  • There, Here, and Back again. (A Naruto Fanfic)
    311K 7.3K 43

    Nakira is an orphan, shunned, alone. But.... It never really bothered her. She's a Kunoichi from the Village Hidden in Leaves. Plus she's a friend of Naruto's. This is her, slightly witty, sarcastic as hell, annoying, fun-filled, emo (Sauske), lonely, happy, funny story. ** Wrote this five years ago, its really bad **

  • Can't Stand the Heat? ~Naruto Fanfic~
    3.6K 135 1

    Rena is a wanted criminal from her village, but she doesn't know why. After her village set a bounty on her, she has been chased and snuffed out by slave-traders and bounty hunters from all over the ninja world. One night, a slave trade over-powers her, but she is saved by a man with silver hair and a mask covering th...

  • The Burning Snow (A Naruto FanFic)
    58.3K 1.4K 10

    Phoenix is an orphaned girl born in the snow. She has no memories of any parents or childhood, or any happiness of any kind. After a freak accident in the town she seemingly grew up in, Phoenix is taken to the Leaf Village where she is to start a new life. For seemingly endless years of nothing but numbness and total...

  • Things Need to Change-An Akatsuki Story (ON HOLD RE-WRITE IN PROCESS!)
    4.2K 71 8

    All Sora wants is to be with the family she lost protecting the towns folk, can she change the entire world with her feelings? Can she create the family she always needed? ( Rated R for Hidan's mouth) Also the first two chapters have been revised and I'm working on the others.

  • A Wicked Nightmare Is A Lovely Thing. †Naruto† Book One: Back In the Days
    51.7K 1.6K 23

    I am Your Worst Nightmare. Your Biggest Fear. All People Shall Hate Me. I will spill blood, and I will spill a lot. I Am Wicked Nightmare. Jaakuna Naitomea's life is crazy- literally. She is a Jashin, and boy does she love the sight of blood. When Hidan leaves to go join the Akatsuki, Jaakuna has nothing else to do bu...

  • Whoa Awesome i'm in Naruto!! :D : Naruto Fan Fic
    169K 5.5K 21

    Alice is a weak and very sick girl who spends her life in the hospital watching naruto,sleeping, eating, and watching some more naruto (You can say Alice is a fan of the anime XD). But one day on Alice's 9th birhthday she wishes to live a life where she isn't sick all the time... to be free and possibly live in the...