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  • Broken Road [BoyxBoy]
    3.5K 41 4

    16 year old's Kendall and James have been together for five years but when someone close to them tries to break them up. What will happen to the happy couple and their friendship with Carlos and Logan?

  • Kiss Is All Better ~Jarlos~
    3.1K 57 3

    When Carlos loves James and James loves Carlos, bad things start to happen. If Carlos' father doesn't approve.. how will he react.. --Character Death--

  • Skin Deep In Fire And Ice [BoyxBoy]
    3.5K 68 2

    A-list teen star Carlos Garcia is one of the best, and one of the most coldest people in the business. But what happens when heart of gold newbie actor Kendall Knight co-stars with him in a movie, and decides he's going to find the good in Carlos? Kenlos.

  • The Nerd And The Reckless [BoyxBoy]
    31.9K 494 10

    Carlos Garcia is the straight A nerd and Logan Mitchell is the school's troublemaker but when the two cross paths sparks fly but will Logan's secret and Carlos's dreams break them apart?

  • The Story of Us [Kames; BTR; BXB]
    37K 643 6

    The Big Time Rush boys all have been the best of friends, since they were little. And they made a promise that, nothing will change that. Until, James Diamond of the band forms a cocky attitude, which sends Kendall the wrong vibes. One day, Kendall asks Logan, if James seemed a little off to him, and then that’s when...

  • You're Not Alone™ ♥ Kendall Schmidt {Big Time Rush!}
    7.7K 45 7

    I haven't spoken to Kendall Schmidt in 15 years. The last time we did was not on good terms at all. Now I'm all alone in a new city with nothing and no one, after what my mom did. Will an old childhood friend who's now famous be willing to help me? KendallxOC, non-showverse.