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  • Rejected, Replaced & Forgotten
    9.3M 256K 25

    Alpha-to-be Cole Emerson loves his laid back life and will do anything to keep it that way; even if it means rejecting his soul mate. Livy Holden is the quiet girl who keeps her head down and tries to avoid confrontation. On Cole's eighteenth birthday both he and Livy are shocked to discover that they're mates. Reje...

  • Jailbird (hs au)
    36.3K 1.9K 3

    "You're mine now, little bird." Sent to prison for a crime she didn't commit and met a hot, mysterious, yet dangerous cell mate all in one day? Can you believe her luck? Sparrow Matthews didn't know what she was in for when she met the notorious criminal, Harry Styles, but she's about to find out.

  • Loving Jax |COMPLETED|
    653K 14.6K 28

    Mature audiences only please ❤️ " get in the car Ellie" Jax was pissed off. I had been acting like a child. As I walk in the pouring rain , arms crossed I ignored him. " fuck off jax" I yell at him as my tears mix with the rain that collided against my face. " I'm going to count to ten and if you aren't in the car by...

  • You're Mine Now
    140K 5.2K 7

    Barely escaping a brutal death, Reymond finds himself caught by a wolf pack in his attempt to escape those hunting for him. His soon finds himself in the lap of a ruthless Alpha, who has claimed Reymond as his. The only problem is that Reymond is a vampire, and isn't very fond of wolves. But his Alpha doesn't allow fo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Purity
    32.8K 1K 9

    Orabella and Giovanni were once best friends as children but after he disappeared, she never heard nothing of him again. Years later, their paths cross once again except now there are a lot of more factors weighing in. What will become of them?

  • Bad Boy's Babygirl✔ [Book 1]
    1.5M 34.3K 31

    "I won't ever let anyone hurt you." He whispered against my skin sending chills down my spine. I whimpered as I nodded. "Princess?" He mumbled into my ear making my knees go weak. "I know, Dominic." It came out more as a plea than a statement, I felt his lips gently pull up into a smile on my collar bone. "Good." With...

  • Alpha Teacher
    42.9K 768 10

    Normal? What's that . For 18 year old Rayna Artegío it's leaving home everyday to attend highschool for her last year before going home hoping and praying her life is changed . Her foster family isn't hurting her in ways that greatly surpass her physical injuries that no one seems to see..... Alois Finn . The 22 year...

  • Stalker
    124K 3.7K 19

    "I told you I was going to get you. You can't run away from me Princess." he says with a tight grip on my shoulders that were pinned to the wall. "F*ck you ! You're crazy. I thought you were a better person but you're just a crazy as* psycho!. LET GO OF ME!!!." I yell. "I'd watch my mouth baby girl. We don't want anot...

  • Loving My Mafia
    153K 4.8K 15

    |#223 in romance 22/4/18| "You will not leave!" He said and slammed me against the wall. My heart started beating faster. My breath hitched in my throat. His face was dangerously close to mine. His eyes staring directly at mine. They were filled with anger, but that was soon replaced by lust. His hot breath fanning ag...

  • The Demon Under My Bed
    12.9K 687 4

    When Elywnn was born, she was premature and wasn't very healthy. The doctor told her parents that he suspected that Elywnn wouldn't have much time left. Out of desperation, her parents summoned him. A demon. He could save her, but for a price. "When Elywnn turns 16, I will come to claim her." Now 16 years later, he'...

  • His Princess
    243K 5.5K 10

    Skyla and Draco have been best friends since kindergarten. Little did Skyla know that she was Draco's property since they first met. Draco instantly knew Skyla was his mate when they first met and would do anything for her. Draco owned Skyla she was his and he did not like to share. After all he is the Alpha of the st...

  • Psycho Much?
    240K 11.9K 31

    Evangeline Hart is a cutie with blue-dyed hair who disliked life. She always wanted to find a way to escape reality, to escape all the worries and troubles that she faced. She found her special place all right, and it's in an abandoned park. Yes, an abandoned park. When times got hard, she'd scurry her way there. A bo...

    167K 6K 3

    *ON HOLD* A sudden flash of amber runs through my mind before his face is there. Every detail, memorised like the back of my hand. His black under cut, the top long enough that he pulls it back in a short ponytail, his harshly cut dark eyebrows, that crease in the centre as he concentrates when in thought. His high a...

  • His Aurora
    196K 6.3K 7

    " promised..." She sniffled trying her best not to bawl her heart out. "You promised me you wouldn't hurt anybody if I come with you..." She was biting her lips harshly, trying to keep her emotions at bay. His heart tightened and his face softened a little, but not enough to feel apologetic for his actions. C...

  • Sweet Agression [On Hold]
    124K 3.6K 7

    Cole glares at Chris and his body stiffens then starts to shakes uncontrollably. Growls rumbling from deep within his chest. He pushes me behind him. oh no, there's about to be a funeral. Calvin moves out of the way as Cole takes a step up to stand right in front of Chris. "She is Mine!!" He roars in Chris's face and...

  • Little Miss Sunshine
    143K 3.6K 15

    I walk into the kitchen when suddenly I'm grabbed from behind. "Hey beautiful, what's your name?" A voice asks huskily. I take a shaky breath and answer quietly, "Mar-Mariana." I try to turn around to take a look at the guy, but he has a tight grip on me. "Your hurting me." I whisper. And for some reason he rele...

  • Stalker (SLOW UPDATES)
    122K 4.6K 22

    |#193 in romance 23/6/17| Meet Sarah , who is annoyed by life and men , practically she hates men , and has no friends , but she is beautiful,kind,mature, girl who has never experienced love before. But when she moves to another place when she was 12 . She begins to feel of being watched, what happens when she is bein...

  • My Italian Lover (Teacher x Student) [ON HOLD]
    209K 4.1K 39

    "We can be together baby, I love you" He said, his eyes wide with fright, sadness and shock. "I'm sorry, I can't do this." This will not be your average, cliche Teacher x Student story. Please give it a chance. Any advice is gladly accepted.

  • Only his
    756K 17.5K 20

    I felt his nose run up and down along jaw and collarbone. Every few seconds he left soft kisses that made shivers run through my body. His arms were wrapped around me tight, still they were tightening around me pulling me closer to him. "W-what d-do you w-want?" I whispered to him. I hate that I stuttered. His arms...

  • The Professor
    662K 16.8K 36

    I'm supposed to be attending art school, focusing on studies, making friends, having fun. Instead, I can't keep my mind off of my hot professor. And he can't keep me off his either. "I love this book so much" - annika1_ "[This] book is my favorite one right now" - Granola_Jossie "This book is sooooooo lovely...It's s...

    Completed   Mature
  • How My BestFriend Turned Into My F*** Buddy
    62.8K 1.4K 6

    "If our bond is so sacred then why can't he see what I'm really feeling?" I mumbled to Sarah as we watched him flirt with the school slut. "Because boys are stupid." Sarah's sighs. "And I told you not to catch feelings for him in the first place. A sexy game of friends with benefits was all it was suppose to be. But...

  • My Bosses (18+)
    496K 13.2K 39

    Highest Ranking - #1 in Forbidden Romance Highest Ranking - #7 in Mature Highest Ranking - #10 in Forever Highest Ranking - #27 in Boss ࿎࿎࿎࿎࿎ Annabelle Parsons is a normal girl. A normal job, a normal life. But she dreams about getting an opportunity at the biggest editing company in New York. C&C Editing. Kane and...

  • My Rosalie
    327K 8.5K 21

    Warning! There will be disturbing scenes that will make you cringe. This is a dark romance book that includes mentally and emotional abuse, manipulating, I'm not sure but there will also be intimate scenes as well. Read at your own risk! And if you do feel uncomfortable or disturbed than stop reading my book because...

  • My Dangerous Stalker
    34.3K 988 3

    He was actually her...stalker. But she didn't know that.

  • The shy girl and the devil
    234K 6.9K 14

    I gulped as devil approached me.i took a step back.he just gave me wicked grin.i walked backwards until I was pressed against the alley eyes widened in fear.he put each of his hands on either sides of my head on the wall and leaned closer to me.he leaned in so close that if I moved the slightest our lips would...

  • Wrong love (#Wattys 2016)
    27.8K 629 4

    "Mine" he murmurs as he makes his way over to me. He wraps his arms around my waist and picks me up while walking to the nearest janitors closet, "Mufasa. Let. Me. Go" "Mine" he whispers again pulling me down with him to the floor. ...

  • Obsession
    72.3K 2.4K 9

    "Why are you so obsessed with me?" I asked his dark silhouette. My bottom lip quivered as he turned around to face me. The hair on the back of my neck rised in anticipation as he scanned me. He took a few steps closer. I shivered as his fingers touched my collarbone. I let out an uneven breath as his fingers began t...

  • Mr. Stalker...
    54.6K 1.3K 5

    "I...I don't know who you are or what you want but just leave me alone!!" I yelled down the phone tears pouring out my eyes non-stop. I heard his deep voice down the phone he was... laughing at me! Why was he laughing?! I wiped the falling tears of my face just for them to be replaced by new ones. "Oh sweetie... It's...

  • Wild Love (Teacher/Student)
    137K 4.2K 46

    **Originally posted back in 2011 by me, under the name 'Life's A Party or Is It'.** Savannah Cannon and her twin Flynn are party animals. They're normally home alone, due to their father traveling. They rule the school. What happens when a new teacher falls in love with Savannah? Will she fall back or will she conti...