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Pen Your Pride
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  • This Moment
    287 6 2

    Logan Oliver is the girl who's always moving. Jax Daniels is the boy who's always running. For a long time neither of them have stayed still long enough to smell the roses. But after an embarrassing collision and an unexpected spark throws them together, can they begin to learn the importance of every moment? {Also...

  • Windswept
    5.4M 109K 40

    Reid has been homeless on the streets of New York for years now, fighting for cash in clubs and sleeping in empty buildings. With his special ability, Reid could have whatever life he wanted, but chooses not to. When Sam meets Reid on the subway, she has a hard time forgetting about him, and not only because he kee...

  • Enjoying the Chase (SAMPLE ONLY. PUBLISHING SPRING 2014)
    6.3M 51.3K 38

    **** THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE OF THE STORY NOW. ENJOYING THE CHASE IS BEING PUBLISHED SPRING 2014 SO I HAVE HAD TO REMOVE MOST OF IT FROM WATTPAD**** Nate Peters is a player. He has great friends, a great job, no responsibilities, no girlfriend and he LOVES it. He's never failed to get a girl in his life, that is until...

  • Surviving the McLane Boys ('On Hold Still...')
    10.2M 106K 43

    Hailey's life has been pretty normal and trouble free so far. If you categorise growing up with your all-male neighbours trouble free... After coming back from Australia to the US of A she comes back to more than just her home. She comes back to find that the McLane boys have know grown up into a family of 9 boys ran...

  • It's Like Love, But On a Post-It. (Undergoing Severe Plastic Surgery )
    1.7M 33.5K 21

    Sequel to It's Like Monopoly, But Physical.

  • Closets Aren't Just For Clothes...
    1.3M 18.4K 27

    > There's only one guy that has never showed any interest in Emi Aldridge, Matthew Fletcher, her best friend. Of course, it's completely too common that she's in love with him, but hey, the heart wants what the heart wants. When Matt tells Emi he's gay, she's totally crushed, but as his best friend, she has to support...

  • Something Worth Fighting For
    335K 1.3K 47

    What would you fight for? Your best friends, the people in your town, perhaps your country, or maybe even a second chance at love?

  • The Cause of All Her Problems
    5.1K 73 15

    Madison and Max have been friends for years, so when Max stops talking to her, she knows that something's wrong. But when she confronts him, it doesn't have the desired effect. Soon, Madison is hurled into of world of vampires, werewolves and physchotic Alphas, and she quickly realises that she needs Max to get her th...

  • Other Side Of The Bar
    3.6K 46 5

    Cordelia Delmar is daughter of one of the richest men in America, but she was the result of an affair and hidden away in London with her mother who never married - insistent Cordelia's father will come back. Cordelia never hears from her father, but every month he transfers $10,000 to her mother, who uses the money t...

  • Absolute Contamination
    313K 4.7K 20

    Ever thought about what you would do when the world around you was no longer the safe place you thought it to be? When every person you meet becomes an instant threat? When all around you turns to chaos, yet you have no idea what’s going on? In Absolute Contamination Keara Haynes tries to survive when the whole world...

  • FMF: Consequence *Edited*
    4.4K 95 14

    *Sequel to Full Moon Fling* Hope is dwindling for Alba Fife. With all the fear in the Halfway House, will anyone slip through the cracks? As the months go on, it gets harder and harder to tell who is on her side and who is keeping life altering secrets. Every action has a consequence, but how bad can it really be?