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  • Heroes: A Marvel Fanfic
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    "Hello reader! I'm trying to get back and rewrite this story. The years have been exceptionally rough since our house burned down back in 2018. As of July 8, 2020, Chapter 2 has been rewritten." Sokovia fell from the sky, mutants were revealed to be fact, and inhumans are popping up around the world. Chaos was a word...

  • Marvel Imagines
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    Completed. Second book is Marvel Imagines 2. Made: 11 May 2015 Completely: 6 November 2015

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    ❝Sorry, my YouPad's charging.❞ In which Steven Grant Rogers wanders through the ever evolving path of technology. [SOCIAL MEDIA] [May 3, 2016 - June 24, 2016] HIGHEST RANKING: #27 in Fanfiction [13.06.16] #131 in Fanfiction [04.06.16] ACHIEVEMENT(S): Best in Comedy at the Marvel Fanfiction Awards 2016 louise | 2016

  • Marvel Imagines, Preferences, One Shots, etc.
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    This is book filled with Marvel fan fiction tidbits. There will be anything from normal fan fictions, one shots, song fics, preferences and imagines. For the variation of types of story type things in here I will use characters from practically any form of Marvel media (Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic 4, Agents of SHI...

  • Blood and Ice | Leonard Snart
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    "You're a cruel, villainous piece of shit." "And yet," He glanced at me, "You're the only one still here, asshole."