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  • Not Your Average Story (ALL ORIGINAL)
    313 8 11

    One average day on Thera, as Cali and Sax are headed to a school field trip, their school bus is attacked and burnt to bits. Later on, they discover that their entire home planet has been thrown into destruction by the crazed ex-priest, Steven Majick. Cali and Sax, two of the very few survivors on Thera, travel throug...

  • YouTube Scripts and Stuff
    153 5 6

    The title says it all! My channel name is "Pizza Faythe". I do a stupid random blog every now and then, and I go to school with the Pizza Puffs so I guess that's cool!

  • Perfection (Red Wrists 1 REWRITTEN EDITION)
    1.3K 58 13

    Red Wrists and Bad Dreams (REVISED EDITION, WORKING ON ORIGINAL COVER) Cast: (NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT) Description: Emma May, a high school-er, has had a crazy life. All her life, she's been edged with the feeling that something was missing. She couldn't shake it; no pills, treatments, or counselling could help he...

  • Life of a Cat (ALL ORIGINAL)
    197 20 3

    Pipsqueak, an abandoned kitten in the streets of a busy city, fights for her life in the cruel conditions of being a stray, meeting a few friendly alley cats and some kind humans along the way. Will Pipsqueak find a home? Will she find her family? How long will she survive in these harsh conditions, being the runt of...

  • My Kingdom (Fanfic/crossover/wtf???)
    48 6 1

    Fey is just the average girl. She creates characters in her mind, and they end up coming to life. The characters from her mind accompany her in her apartment home in Interville. One day, someone breaks into her home, stealing some of her characters. She just had to get them back! Join Fey and the characters you know a...

  • Twelve Moons
    135 11 3

    Queen Jinx was never normal. With her kingdom falling into debt, she is forced to marry to financially save her home from ruin. She agrees, but soon learns the true intentions behind one of her suitors. As she runs in fear for her life, she falls into a river. Running in high heels isn't the best idea ever. When she w...

  • Kitty's Pizza Playhouse
    49 3 1

    After the auctioning of leftover Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria and Freddy's Fright artifacts, ex security guards Jeremy and Mike head in their own direction to start up a new Pizzeria called "Kitty's Pizza Playhouse". Along with the new Pizzaria, Jeremy and Mike open up a tour of the old Fazbear's Pizzeria, connected to t...

  • Melody to my Harmony
    124 5 5

    Octavian Wilde is the prodigal son of two famous singers, and the younger brother of a band leader. The Academic Institute of Musical Arts has been sending him invitation letters for years, desperate for his acceptance. On the third year, he is prepared to decline the Institute's invitations to join their school. He d...