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  • Saved By Your Love
    128 8 5

    A Viking tale of Britana or late United kingdom. About 19 year old women Blin Van De Mark PS. Im Ryvir (river) goble (go bl) /Van De Mark. A/N my Family at time were the house of Marks

  • If Only It Was An Illusion(completed)
    612K 27.4K 60

    "you're no one to me", his words echoed in my ears but what was it all when he kissed me; merely an illusion? It felt so real and lively. "...and just so you know, you're not allowed to leave this job until or before 6 months", he flung the contract papers in the air. I had signed the papers, the terms and condition...

  • Heathen
    14.7K 2.9K 52

    Heathen -> Savage Climb on board. ✖✖✖ When Yvette Clarke is sent to the White Waters Pack by her Alpha on a mission. She absolutely has no idea on what to expect. She's way past the benchmark for finding her mate and finding him is the least of her expectations. Alpha Javan Graham comes with a truckload of demons Y...

  • Riverton High School
    3.7K 1.3K 39

    At Riverton High follow the crazy, lit, sad, heart churning, spine tightening tales of teens finding their own - defying their pasts and conquering their present. Reaching their goals, cleansing their hearts finding their perception of happiness. Truly living. Be a guest inside the world of Riverton High.. The crazed...

  • Amazon: Mouth for War
    713 35 7

    The amazons are also knows as a legion of fierce warrior women who answer to no man. Daughters of Ares, the god of war. This is how it all began. A prophecy in which two twin sisters played the staring role. Tales of glory and devastation they have brought through the years.