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  • 353 days.
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    "I never gave up on you. I called you every night, every night for-" "353 days. I heard."

  • frankie [episodes 1-3]
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    British BUFFY meets FRANKENSTEIN in the new story from the Watty award winning author of Cupid's Match. Join Frankie as she avenges her body parts! *** Killed, torn apart, and put back together again with the pieces of twelve murdered girls, Frankie is resurrected. Twelve body parts. Twelve dead girls. Twelve dem...

  • The girl that spike has feeling for (buffy the vampire slayer fan fiction)
    2.9K 90 2

    ever wonder what it would be like if Giles had a daughter that the same age as buffy. when spike comes to Sunnydale and meets buffy and her gang. He starts to fancy ruby , Giles daughter.

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 - Ghost Of Vengeance
    3.8K 147 9

    With the Hellmouth gone! The pontetianls now active slayers, Buffy Summers battle still isn't over, she has the job of training the new potentials as slayers! She leads them with many other generals. But when the governement investigate the remains of Sunnydale, they're killed by the Ghost Of Vengeance. As buffy inves...

  • Orange - BTVS Quotes
    26.4K 1.5K 63

    Quotes from the characters of buffy the vampire slayer. Not in episode order some quotes while be small just to let you know Also I don't own BTVS

  • Gender-Bender Time!(Finn x Fiona)
    6.7K 138 12

    My First Story in Wattpad and I'm just 13! This is a story about Finn and Fiona, of how they meet in my own version :) Hope you Enjoy and pls no bad comments, I Fan :3

  • buffy's diary Season 1 (Complete)
    316 12 7

    a teenage girl buffy summers (from TV show buffy the vampire slayer played by Sarah Michelle Gillar ) re-opens her dairy from day 1. she then re-reads how she became stronger and her love life with demon (vampire)Angel. Complete season 1.

  • Trolls Continued: Branch And Poppy
    142K 4.1K 199

    ~Completed Story, under editing~ After the DreamWorks Movie, Trolls, Poppy and Branch ended in a happy ending. But Branch suddenly realizes he has big feelings for Poppy. As their adventure continues together, things get bigger, deeper, further, everything. Let me just say this.... #Broppy4Life 2-3-17: #511 in Fantasy...