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  • Love, Julie
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    Letters:(chapter1) ~The End~(our past) Dear Our Past, My love for our past will never be forgotten. Our past Is something not to take forgranted........ Yours Truly, The End. (Chapter2) ~Julie's Lett...

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  • Jesus changed my life
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    What changed my life? Easy. One word, God. These are my experiences and my life with God. I post every Wednesday & Sunday. (Those are the days I go to church.) And sometimes I post Saturday's or other days I go to youth activities or church activities!

  • Until The Day Comes #wattys2015
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    She's Been Waiting And Waiting Until The Day Comes. She's been living In A World Of Darkness Until The Day Comes. She's Feared Everything Until The Day Comes. But She Finally Lets Go When The Day Comes. Mia Walker Has Gone Through A Tough Child Hood. Her Mom Leaves, Her Dad Becomes An alcoholic And An Abusive Father...

  • The Nerd And His Girl
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    Jonny Castro is the schools all time nerd. Nobody likes him. They use him, tease him, and beat him. He's never had a girlfriend and he's never kissed anyone. But what happens when a new girl in school comes into the picture? The new girl named Samantha Young. She's pretty, amazing body. Everyone wants her. But they a...

  • Book Covers
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    WARNING: I ONLY MAKE THE COVERS THAT COMMENT ALL THE INFORMATION IN ONE SINGLE COMMENT. If You Want A Book Cover ONLY COMMENT! Information I need: -story title -author -genre -summary/description (optional) -is there anything specific you want on your cover? -by when do you need your cover.