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  • Fire Walker
    14 3 3

    The last of the Fire Walkers, Kalama just lost her family, her friends, and the life she knew before. All that's left for her now is revenge-and she's ready to cross the country dodging wind-breathers, earth-shakers, and water-breakers to get it. But as Kalama sets off to capture the man who's responsible for her fami...

  • To Give Everything
    91 7 10

    Emilynne Bradford knows Death is inevitable--but she still won't let him take her sister without a fight. Life is tough in the small forest town of Amford, and Death has been a frequent visitor. But after nearly succumbing to a fever the year before, Emilynne has learned that she can see him--and fight with him every...

  • The Queen of Candyland
    51 7 3

    Air has been on the run from the High Queen of Candyland ever since she accidentally stole the ancient relic that grants its bearer the right to rule Candyland. But when the High Queen finally tracks her down, she offers Air something far worse than an execution--the position of Warrior Queen, the traditional co-ruler...