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  • En garde, Milady, Saber Dance Series, Book 1 (Sample Only) now on Amazon
    308K 13.4K 10

    Watty's 2018 short list, #2 highest rank for Historical, 1st Place in the Profound Awards. Lord Grey has sailed the seas, fought pirates, and built a shipping fleet before turning thirty. Now he must marry and produce an heir. He believes his days of adventure are limited until he meets Gabriella Barrington. Her cou...

  • The Chosen Path
    2.5K 419 19

    Jake's childhood imaginary friend haunts him awake and asleep. His dreams come true, which scares him, his family, and the whole town. Going away to college, Jake hopes for a normal life, but it becomes more complicated as he learns of his new friends' secrets. The girl he has a crush on has more secrets and powers th...

  • The Lost Valor of Love
    1M 62.8K 80

    ❃ AWARD-WINNING PUBLISHED NOVEL ❃ BOOK I OF THE TRANSCENDENCE SERIES ❃ Growing up during the centuries-long conflict between the empires of Egypt and Hatti, the young princess Istara is taken hostage by the King of Hatti to secure the loyalty of her father, the King of Kadesh to the empire. Soon her new life in Hatti'...

  • Paladin
    17.7M 610K 69

    Sam is the most promising swordsman among this year’s crop of Paladin trainees...and knows it. Brash, cocky, and unbeatable with a sword (well, almost), Sam is the kingdom of Thule’s best hope against the violence wrought by demons. The only problem is that Sam is really Lady Samantha, daughter of the seventeenth Duke...

  • Sierra Santiago and the Invisible City
    17.1K 626 20

    Sierra just wanted to have a normal, fun-filled summer with her friends, but strange howls emanate from a mysterious tower in downtown Brooklyn, soldiers bust up a party and then a whole new, monster-filled world reveals itself. The original draft of the award-winning, NY Times bestselling YA fantasy SHADOWSHAPER was...

  • Viking Tribute
    7.1M 277K 56

    At sixteen, Sunngifu is more of a spoiled child than a dignified thane's daughter. She is destined to a life of wealth and power. Until her father fails to pay the Viking's tribute...

  • Not Moving Away
    22 7 1

    The iconic Harry Randall Truman who refused to leave his beloved vulcanic homestead. He and his 16 cats are presumed to have been killed in the 1980 Mt St. Helens eruption.