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  • Kpop Memes
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    The title says it. Enjoy and remember to breath 😏 At the beginning it's really BTS related, but the more you scroll the more bands you find 😊 *I don't own any of these. All the credits goes to the rightful owners.* Rank in Humor #397 Other rankings: Hilarious #52

  • wolf | jjk (wattys2017)
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    "Everything I've ever let go of, has claw marks on it" Best ranking: #31 in fanfiction Chae Joo Eun discovers that the boy she had known for years, her best friend and partner in crime, is a wolf. She is indifferent to it until, he picks her as his mate...because, once a wolf imprints on someone, there is no undoing...

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  • Kpop memes
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    This is literally what the title says, it's full of the kpop memes. Mostly BTS but others will be thrown is as well. I don't know how many people actually care about this anymore but there is a lot of swearing, just as a warning. None of the pictures belong to me! And you'll have to forgive me if there are du...

  • shy [jimin]
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    The redness of her cheeks made it obvious. ©️TODAYIWRITE

  • Airplane - BTS Suga x Reader
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    Hit 100K views on 22.12.2016 Being on an airplane, okay, nothing special. But what if your bias sits down next to you? What if both, your bias and your bias wrecker, start taking you out on dates? Who would you choose?

  • BREAK IT! •Jimin x Reader•
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    "DRUMROLL! Miss (Y/N) is leading the way!" Jimin said, patting his thighs. "Jimin! This is not funny!" You said as you tried to figure out where you were through the map. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Jimin is trying his level best to impress you, when you get stuck with him on your vacation in Paris, Fran...

  • I'm married to the famous kingka?! {Jungkook Bts}
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    Jungkook needed to find a girl to get married with within a month and he found you.. A love story for Jungkook fans or k-popers or A.r.m.y :D Special thanks to: ❤❤❤❤❤ ✔Book Edited by: alecz12797 ✔Book Cover by: luhaniee23 and also to all my beloved readers~

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  • Becoming A Violet (Sequel)
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    Alissa and ricky decide they want to adopt another child. the issue with this is they already have a child, Rachel. how will she get along with her new "sister" read to find out ;) (sequel to adopted by Alissa violet )

  • ✔️| Adopted by Alissa Violet
    85.2K 1.4K 49

    Alissa Violet and Ricky Banks adopt you? "We would never do that to you, we love you" "You love me?" "Yes Kendall"

  • Ups And Downs// Tessa Brooks
    11.6K 224 22

    Part one. COMPLETED Go read book two She does live in la May include some chapters of "Instagram" she does start off this school year as a senior popular.. Thats all for right now may edit in future

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  • Instagram// Brandon Rowland [COMPLETED]
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    Completed brandonrowland liked your post brandonrowland started following you

  • Checkmate (Camren)
    1.1M 33K 42

    A dangerous game, full of pitfalls. A dispute of power, money and desire. On one side of the board, the deputy Lauren Jauregui, and on the other, the wife of a magnate, Karla Camila Cabello. In this game, only one will fall. Who will have the best strategy? Who will better know how to play? Who will checkmate? Place y...

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  • Only Breigns
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    WWE Superstars Roman Reigns & Brie Bella caught their eyes at each others. They want to take the next level when they're together. Their lives will change forever.

    9.9K 204 42

    Where their children are friends...or something more than that.

  • Bad Games
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    Together or not together?? It's been a few months since an injured Nikki left WWE to cure her neck injury.. Roman has been with almost every girl in the WWE, trying to forget all about Nikki Bella.. What happens when Nikki finally returns? Will they fall back into love or will they hurt each other playing bad games...

    Completed   Mature
  • How or Who Do I Chose(Jack Avery or Daniel Seavey)
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    Ava Paul, Logan and Jake Paul's sister. She is 16 with light rose gold hair with blue eyes. She flys out to stay with Logan. Logan has been telling her about this band Why Don't We. She meets them and likes there music. She dates one of the boys but one other band mate falls for her to. Who will she choose?

  • Why dont we Imagines [ REQUESTS ARE CLOSED]
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    its all in the title

  • Why Should We
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    AHHHHHH ITS #2 IN FANFICTION (nkt anymore but it was) Jake and Logan Paul's little sister decided that she was done living with her parents, so she moved to Logans house. Everything was great, until she meet the Why Don't We boys, and she caught feelings for one of them, or all of them.

  • You Need Jesus (Camryn Paul + Jonah Marais)
    13.2K 152 31

    "You need jesus" he told me "No all I need is you" and with that I smashed my lips in to his love never felt so good ------------------------------------ Camryn Paul sister of the internet famous youtubers Logan Paul and Jake Paul she move from Ohio to LA,California she meets five boys that change her life forever

  • Just a Nobody (Hayes Grier FanFic)
    5.4M 91.3K 46

    Dani and Hayes have been friends for the longest time but once they get into middle school Hayes forgets about her and finds better friends. When Dani has to stay the night a Hayes' for Christmas feelings come out and the truth is revealed. Will they become friends, a couple or worse, stay strangers. ...

  • Instagram|J.G. ✔️
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    Jack is her best friend. But what if he wants to be something more? Instagram story with Kylie Jenner and Jack Gilinsky.

  • Instagram/j.g. ✔️
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    @fatherkels - mornin' 💫 ---------- Comments: @jackgilinsky - beautiful bby❤️

  • Eres la indicada. A Kevin Ortiz fanfic
    4.5K 260 38

    Mikaela Valdemar thought her life was complete, she was living out in California and she was working her dream job as a photographer. what else could a nineteen year old girl ask for? Her life begins to spin out of control when she meets Kevin Ortiz and from that moment on she realizes that Kevin is her missing piece.

  • Luke Evans And Shawn Mendes
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    This girl named Maryah Caniff and her big brother Taylor Caniff are famous. Taylor was famous for vines and singing. Maryah was famous for her modeling. And once Maryah was asked a question when she was at the Iheartradio festival for her brother. When she answered the question, they gave her a big surprise... Read to...

  • Safe With Me Temillio
    20.8K 374 12

    This story is about Tessa and Emilio find love will it be with each other or will it be with someone else.

  • texting Magcon/other
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    ❖ Complete ❖

  • Wrong Send (Shawmila) [COMPLETED]
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    Everyone makes mistakes (duh) but one thing most of us hates is when this happens. When you accidentally sent something to a wrong person. Or basically wrong send. Worst is that when you sent a freaking photo to someone you don't actually like. -under construction (haha)

  • Nudes ~ Shawn and Camila
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    Warning - this story is really cringe and cliche *Currently updating, the chapters in all caps (ONE) have been updated* Camila Cabello lands herself in some hot water when she sends nudes to the wrong boy. And that wrong boy just so happens to be the schools bad boy Shawn Mendes. But how far is she willing to go to ma...

  • Obsessed // Matthew Espinosa
    62.8K 971 44

    Being the sister of Cameron Dallas isn't as easy as you think.

  • Just A Bet (Matthew Espinosa)
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    "Hey Matt." I looked over to where my name was being called. Cameron was waiting for me to come over, I walked to where he was standing. "Hey bro, what's up?" I asked him. He pointed behind me. I turned around to see Haven standing next to her locker, with headphones in. "Haven. What about her?" I asked him. "Want to...