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  • A Sleepover to Remember (Boy x boy)
    31.7K 1.2K 7

    High school AU: Sean McLoughlin has been best friends with Mark Fischbach since the two were little, back when Sean's family moved to Ohio. What happens when Mark invites Jack over to his house to study? Will Jack be able to hide how he truly feels around the slightly older teen? Or will his lack of resolve lead to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Semicolon
    38.2K 2.6K 1

    Tyler Oakley is anorexic. Troye Sivan is suicidal. They meet when both their parents force them to go to support group, a concept they both think is extrememly stupid and would rather just stay home and wallow in self pity, but, alas, the world is not a wish granting factory. They seem perfect for each other, right? B...

  • Only A Memory (A PewDiePie and Cutiepiemarzia fanfiction)
    7.9K 217 11

    Imagine waking up to find that all of the moments and memories you shared with your loved one never existed. You never met them and all of the time you thought you spent with them had past without you even knowing them. That's what happens to Felix Kjellberg (Better known as PewDiePie) in this fanfiction.

  • A Match Into The Water (Phan) EDITING**
    4.4K 224 11

    Phil meets his best friend at age 10 and continues the friendship forever. But Dan needs to tell Phil how he felt all these years.

  • Shattered || Phan
    1.1K 54 8

    Our story starts with two boys called Dan and Phil. They were born in the same sleepy town and had been inseparable for the first 11 years of their life. Their parents were friends, they lived on the same street, and they enjoyed all the same things. Everything was perfect. That is until disaster struck. They were at...

  • Yours Truly, Me (Troyler)
    148K 9.4K 27

    Tyler Oakley is a semi-famous YouTuber, who is adored widely and deeply by his fans. He, like most celebrities and famous people, get lots of fan-mail. But what happens when one day, he receives a letter with no return address, no name signed anywhere, telling Tyler of of one boy's admittedly sucky life? Will Tyler le...

  • Anarchy- Troyler AU
    818 75 4

    Anarchy; the act of overthrowing the government.

  • Remembered (A Troyler Short Story)
    5.4K 284 3

    Fifteen year old Troye Sivan Mellet thought August 7th, 2010 was going to be a normal day. He really did. But then by chance, when inside a strip-mall elevator that breaks down, he comes across the one and only Tyler Oakley, whom Troye had been watching on YouTube for a while, now, along with many others to gain the c...

  • Beyond the lights - Troyler AU
    23.7K 1.3K 11

    Troye Sivan is a world famous singer with thousands of adoring fans. But despite his fame and wealth, he's not happy at all and very lonely. He has fallen into a life consumed by sex, alcohol and drugs, is estranged from his family and surrounded by sycophants. Tyler Oakley is an up and coming reporter for the LA Tim...

  • Denial: Troyler AU
    352K 13.5K 26

    It's just too easy to expect that self-proclaimed homophobes (like Troye Sivan) and a homosexuals themselves (like Tyler Oakley) could never get along. Not even mindless vengeful plans or diabolic fake babies or constant mockery or accidental not-dates or attempts to make each other's lives a living hell could force a...

  • The Wall Between Us (Troyler)
    23K 1.8K 15

    Troye Sivan thought he was safe. He thought he and his family could make it through this. He thought everything would be okay in the end. But then, a knock on his door changes life as he knew it forever. Because the year is 1942, and Troye Sivan has just been captured by the Nazis of Germany. Taken from his home and e...

  • The Tattoo (Troyler AU)
    273K 15.1K 30

    Everyone has one. On their wrist. Initials. Your soulmate's initials. The ultimate OTP. You guys are meant to be. Here's the catch. You've got to find your soulmate before you are 26 years old. But for Tyler Oakley, time is running out. highest ranking #142 in fanfiction

  • The Beep (Troyler AU)
    2.9K 175 8

    Tyler Oakley was very familiar with buzz noises inside his head. He heard them every morning, symbolizing that someone was crushing on him. What he did not expect was a beep one morning along with the normal buzzing. Now it's up to him to find out who is in love with him.

  • Different but the Same- Troyler AU
    1.2K 75 3

    Tyler Oakley is a wallflower. He'd much rather prefer to stay inside and read, while everyone else is out partying and having sex. He's also the one of the ten openly gay guys in his boarding school. Troye Mellet on the other hand is the most popular guy in school. He's the best prankster and they have a chair in dete...

  • Freak (Troyler AU)
    9.3M 217K 81

    What if you could hear them? The thoughts they deigned not reasonable enough to say out loud, the things not suitable for even a giggly teenage gossip conversation. Would it be a blessing or a curse? Troye, the unlucky teenager bestowed with this 'gift', thinks of it as a curse, with good reason. Do you know how hard...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Selection (Troyler AU)
    206K 15.5K 63

    Based off of The Selection by Kiera Cass. Tyler Oakley is the Prince of Illéa, a kingdom in a dystopian future, and is soon to be crowned King in his father's footsteps. In order for him to finally take his father's place, however, he needs a Queen to rule the nation with him. So, as per tradition, his parents annou...

  • Icy Inferno (Troyler AU)
    175K 10.5K 44

    Tyler is a Fire. He's a hot-headed student who seems to do well without trying. Troye is a Water. He wants to do well but he'll just go with the flow if it's more convenient. In a school where those with elemental powers are gathered, in a society where they are shunned, they can't help but anger one another. With see...

    Completed   Mature
  • Physical Education - Troyler
    715 59 4

    Troyes POV: It's my sophomore year, and I have all the classes I want. Well, except one. Physical Education. I just don't get the point of me taking the class. Everyone already knows I'm the least athletic person on the earth. I'm walking to the field for my first class of physical education. I hate it already. Oh wa...

  • Stay with Me{Troyler Fanfic}
    550 24 7

    Swear words in this Trigger Warning Smut warning {not there yet} I update a lot

  • St. Chastity (read note at the end!)
    32K 1.8K 12

    St. Chastity - Troyler AU Tyler Oakley is the most popular guy at St. Chastity, a boarding school for guys and girls. Troye Sivan is just a normal guy with self-esteem issues and problems in school. What do they both have in common, you ask? Well, they are both openly gay. While Tyler is the flirty and proud senior...

  • The Perth Plan: A Troyler Fanfic
    502K 18K 51

    During Tyler’s trip to Perth the Mellet’s join forces with Troye and Tyler’s Youtube friends to get them together. Will they succeed or will they make their unique relationship too awkward to bear? -No triggering content, just adorable fluff-

  • Camp Sunshine ~ Phan & Kickthestickz
    64.1K 3K 24

    Dan, Phil, Chris and PJ meet at summer camp. Sorry if something like this has already been done. I really don't want to give too much away however I should probably sayTRIGGER WARNINGS self harm, eating disorders, abuse and homophobia. Please note that this story is and will always remain incomplete.

  • A Dementor's Kiss - Phan
    296K 13.3K 25

    Phan, kickthestickz and multiple youtubers at hogwarts! Dan Howell, a shy third year slytherin, is befriended by fifth year hufflepuff Phil Lester. Dan is quiet and alone, with little faith in his abilities, but with the comfortable and kind-hearted Phil he will learn to flourish in the wizarding world. This is a chap...

  • Lacking [Phan]
    56.9K 3.6K 10

    Dan Howell has grown up wingless in a world full of wings. Old legends have twisted the views of his peers, leaving him utterly alone until he meets the strangely beautiful Phil Lester, who has a different view on their world. Phil may not have the ability to give Dan wings, but he can sure as hell make him feel as if...

  • Behind Brown Eyes (Phan)
    29K 1.2K 11

    2009 phan high school au kind of thing aw (◕ω◕✿) *adam and aaron are fictional and original characters that I made up myself.* lowercase intended.

  • ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 【As summer goes on】 ‣
    890 29 1

    i made this story because i ship kirisuna alot anime: SAO sword art online

  • Forbidden Story (A Melix Fanfic) *ON HIATUS*
    3.3K 80 14

    The story of Felix and Marzia's Forbidden love. Marzia is a normal girl, until she runs into her idol, Felix or PEWEDIIEEPIEEE!! When her dad finds her when she's with him, Marzia knows knows there love is forbidden and she knows she has to shout from the rooftops to save her and Felix's live, and there priceless rela...

  • Accidentally (Moey)
    23K 421 40

    When Jimmy leaves Meghan for a hooker, Joey and Meghan get closer.When Sawyer throws a party, something accidentally happens with a few shots and blairing music. ( OLD FANFICTION W/ BAD WRITING )

    Completed   Mature