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  • Cheshire: An Avengers Fan Fiction
    233K 7.5K 32

    "Yeah I'm part cat so what?" Cheshire is part feline, and nothing but an experiment gone wrong. She's still running from the people who did this to her. Who are the people who did this to her? She has no clue. But she's not only running from them. She's also running from SHIELD. What happens when Earth's mightiest...

  • Tigress ➳ An Avengers Fanfic (Book 1 of the Scepter Chronicles)
    207K 6.1K 19

    tigress [tahy-gris] n.- a female tiger; a woman resembling a tiger, as in fierceness or courage Calypso was orphaned at 8 years old and was placed in an orphanage with a cruel Headmistress and only one friend, Leah. When Leah is adopted, Caly feels truly alone. That is, until one day when three strangers rescue her fr...

  • We're All Mad Here (Avengers Fanfic)
    241K 7.1K 24

    Winifred Jones grew up loving the story of Wonderland, in particular, the Cheshire Cat. Wyn also grew up being a test subject for her scientist father, only she didn't realize that's what she was at first. In order to discover the truth behind her father's experiments on her, she sneaks into his lab. She discovers sh...

  • Freezing Wings
    112K 8.6K 40

    An Upon Wings Of Change fanfic** * There was one lab, the place where humans were kidnapped and tested on, turning them into small, fire-breathing lizards, destroyed when the white aliens took over Earth, leaving the dragonets as the last survivors of the human race. What if there were two labs instead of one? One com...

  • Discovering Raptor (Avengers Fanfiction)
    550K 15.7K 33

    What happens when the Avengers are sent to take down one of the last HYDRA bases and discover a supposedly extinct creature lurking within one of its cells? Will they have mercy or will the put it out of its misery? I OWN DELTA