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  • Scorned
    1.4M 111K 103

    Beaten. Banished. Scorned. Broken? They wish. Valentina is the daughter of a wealthy Duchess, raised to be prim, proper and the perfect image of a lady. Haunted by a pair of piercing, electric blue eyes, Val longs for freedom from the oppressive life of the High Court where she cannot express her true independent and...

  • Child of Earth (Revising)
    15 1 2

    The slow revision of the First Annabra Academy Book When Thalia, a girl who has lived in a forested area of Australia for almost a year of her life, discovers the truth about her old life and the dangers of her new one, she is taken to a place where to insure her future she must put it on the line, not only for her n...

  • The Doctor Will See You Now
    16 2 1

    A young adult finds himself stuck with a condition he can't change, a life he doesn't quite enjoy and, worst of all, a new doctor he isn't fond of.

    Completed   Mature
  • Wolf Island •World of Mythics #1•
    10.8K 352 10

    Matilda Lancel, or Matty for short, lives alone, stealing to survive. But when going on a raid for food one night, she is captured, and taken to an island no one has ever heard of. There, Matty is taken in by the last werewolf pack, and they teach her to control her phasing and how to live as a werewolf. But not every...

  • Wings and Shadows
    685 53 7

    Thousands of years ago, a war broke out between demons and angels. The result, every single angel being kicked out of heaven. They were cursed to live a human life, and when their human body died they would be reborn as another human. But one day, the curse was broken. In a certain life, the fallen angels regrow their...

  • Feeling lost
    47 10 3

    Feeling lost is a book about a young deep brown haired girl, who went through a tragic incident when extremely young. The poor young girl has grown up without a family or home. She stumbled across a small hut when walking through the woods. She goes up to the hut knocking and knowing that there would be no answer, jus...

  • The Girl Of The Forest
    14 3 2

    Join a gold blonde haired girl and her flame orange fox on adventures around the forest. The gold blonde haired girl is called the girl of the forest by the people, but her real name is Summer Rain. She embarks on amazing and breath taking adventures with the orange fox, sunset. They end up being the guardians of the...