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  • Her Witty Revenge
    20.1K 402 3

    I am dead and I’m playing hide and seek with the Death Messeger a.k.a the Angel of Death. I want to plan my revenge. To the jerk who broke my heart. To my fake best friends. To my abusive daddy. I want to know the truth about my past. To protect my sister. To leave behind my regrets. But, what a ghost like me coul...

  • My Life as Mikayla Connor
    4K 86 15

    "OH MY GOSH! Mikayla what did you do?!" She finally asked. I pointed to the knife that was laying on the floor beside me. She grabbed her phone and called 911. I used my dwindling strength to yell at her, "No Elizabeth!!!! I want to Die every one does, even God!" She looked at me shocked at my use of words. "KAYLA! If...

  • Dear Suze
    597 18 6

    When they promised to be friends forever, they meant it with every word. But when tragedy strikes, will their love be enough to keep them together... and keep them from losing themselves?

  • The Secrets We Keep (On Hold...)
    447 15 5

    When Quintana Barlow's father is murdered by government agents, all his secrets, including the secrets the government was after him for, lay on Quinn's shoulders. And one day when she returns home from her friends house, she discovers that her mother, Lorena, and younger sister, Rosamond have been captured by the same...

  • Letters
    931 12 9

    Letters to life. These letters are letters I've always wanted to write down. To people, ideas, anything. Some will obviously be more personal, and some are not at all. Some are humorous, some are serious. Go ahead and pick and choose because I know not all of them are going to interest you.

  • Wanted | Dangerous Love Book 1 [UNDER MAJOR EDITING]
    1.8M 20.9K 36

    THIS STORY IS CURRENTLY UNDER MAJOR EDITING. PLEASE DO NOT READ IT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. THANK YOU! [Book 1 in the "Dangerous Love" Series!] Elle was a normal girl living a normal life. When her friend Alice asks Elle for a simple favour, she didn't expect to get kidnapped by a hot criminal! Jake is surprised to fi...

  • Surviving the Andersen Brothers
    7.3M 93.3K 41

    My name is Jasmine Clark and my life is set for a drastic change when Social Services learn of the neglect my mother inflicted on me after my father's untimely demise. I am taken away from my home and sent to live with an old friend of my father's; James Andersen, his wife, Lilly, and their seven sons. Living in a hou...

  • Keeping Up With the Boys
    29.2K 260 23

    Hi, I'm Rosslynn McMann. When I was little, my abusive father left my mother and I. He claimed I wasn't his because of my looks. My step father, step sisters and and my mother are going on vacation leaving me with the Macintosh family next door. I guess it time to start Keeping Up With the Boys!

  • One and Only
    7M 66.7K 44

    "I-I think I'm in love with you." My eyes widened and my breath caught as those words left his lips. It was my worst and most beautiful nightmare coming alive. But I couldn't, I just couldn't. "I-I can't, I'm sorry." I started running away, wiping the stray tears that betrayed me and leaked, with the palm of my han...