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  • Inkanni High
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    What would happen if Ash Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, Tracey Sketchit, Brock Harrison, May and Max Maple, Drew Hayden, Dawn Berlitz, Paul Shinji, Iris, Cilan, Serena Yvonne, Clemont and Bonnie Lemon, and some other peps, as well as TrayC_Child_of_Mine's OCs, Teari Howl, Ember, Rose, and Lunala all went to a high school...

  • Stuck With Them Pokemon Peeps 2 (NOW MORE MIRACULOUS!)
    5.1K 406 74

    By the power of Arceus' Turnwheel, Milani, Jace and the Pokemon Peeps are back at it again with some random games, activities, or just plain randomness. In later chapters, characters from other shows/anime/games have appeared as well. Mostly Miraculous Ladybug.

  • TrayC_Child_of_Mine's Pokémon Facebook
    1.3K 67 12

    HERE! TAKE THIS RANDOMNESS! If you haven't read any of my stories, this isn't a good place to start because I include OC's, as well as my fan made ship called SketchHowlItShipping, which is Teari X Tracey. I also have some of my game characters a.k.a. Lyra with my Pokémon, Rita my female Chikorita partner in Mystery D...

  • [✔]True Love From Heaven - A Pokeshipping story
    11.9K 478 7

    Ash always felt weirdly good around Misty since the time she fished him out of the river. After six years of curiosity, Ash finally asks Brock the reason, the answer to which is, " Well Ash, this solution to this problem is really simple. You are in love with Misty!" After this, Ash does not waste any more time an...

  • Easy On My Heart (Pokeshipping)
    12.6K 368 29

    I felt a stab of something unfamiliar. Was it anger? Hurt? Sorrow? I felt it stab again as I listened to Ash describe his crush. "She walks like she's confident. When I hear her laugh, it's like the ocean is singing to me." Jealousy. I put a name to the stabs at my heart. I was jealous. Jealous of the girl...

  • The Elements (Pokeshipping)
    2.2K 112 13

    Misty is starting off on a new adventure!! She has a hidden secret that no one can find out about. Ash is traveling through Alola!! He also has a very big secret. Their secrets have something to do with each other. When the two cross paths will they find out each others secrets?? Read to find out.

  • Pokémon Oneshots
    2.1K 61 5

    For when I'm inspired... To do something besides what I need to write ^-^'

  • Little Things (Pokemon shipping oneshots)
    9.6K 258 22

    My first fanfiction. Mostly contestshipping. This is a series of Pokemon oneshots, as the title implies. A lot are little things I wish had happened in the anime to support Contestshipping, and other shippings too. I also challenge everyone to try and explain what the title of each chapter has to do with the story.

  • WANTED: Love advice
    9.7K 536 6

    “Misty, it’s no big deal really. I was just babbling out. It didn’t mean anything.” PokeShipping fluff! Completed.

  • Promotion
    13.4K 784 25

    In order to get promoted, the charming and young Misty Williams will do anything. Literally. Fanart belongs to Suki90/Sunney90

  • Pokeshipping Oneshots! (Pokeshipping Week 2017)
    4.8K 168 8

    A collection of oneshots especially made for Pokeshipping Week 2017! It's all about Pokeshipping appreciation. These may not be the best stories, but it's all in the fun of writing!

  • PokeView High
    1.1K 77 5

    Hi! I'm Misty Waterflower! I'm a Junior at Pokeview High! Me and my friends are the misfits of the school. "Wow! She's really pretty!". That's my best friend, Ash Ketchum, the most hilarious, but most dense guy in the whole school, maybe even the whole world! "Ash, come on! You know how it goes here! You will never en...

  • Camping With My BFF LOVE Pokeshipping
    336 20 3

    Back to the days, it's been three years since Misty left for her journey to become THE Water Pokemon Master......But everyone needs a break.She decided to visit a Camp for some rest.Ash is planning the same.Serena is the only person left with him to travel.And not to forget Gary is also travelling with Misty...Read to...

  • Pokemon Star - an Alola pokeshipping story
    2K 63 4

    The waterflowers of the Cerulean City gym was performing their most success underwater ballet the story of the mermaid, And have been invited to Alola by a TV manager Kalea who was impressed by their talent. Misty who plays as the mermaid gets a special treatment from Kalea, that is going to the Pokemon school on Mele...

    3.2K 74 7

    The tittle says it all. BTW there will be lot of fluff in them. Just so you know now... All these stories are shit! ENJOY, I GUESS?!😀

  • Pokeshipping Week - 2017
    3.7K 86 7

    Updated every day with themes based on the Pokeshipping Tumblr's Pokeshipping week theme list. With only day three being the exception, because Misty and Rudy? Sorry, but nah, Pokeshipping4life :P. Dat AAML/Pokeshipping with Ash is too precious.

  • Competitive Lovers - Pokeshipping
    207 7 1

    Ash and Misty are both competitive when it comes to each other. But when competing together as one... A Pokeshipping Valentines Day special.

  • Before I leave Cerulean
    1.2K 96 7

    Imagine if the City Of Cerulean was a much bigger place. Bigger than what you see in both the games and the anime series. Imagine this book went back into time, around the 1800's where there were princesses and prince. Wouldn't that be nice? _____________ Being a princess is hard. In Misty's mind it is. Sit up straigh...

  • Hannah (Sequel to The Feminist Challenge)
    2.9K 224 10

    "She even runs away when she sees you!"

  • Captain Misty's 'Ship'
    260 12 1

    High School Pokemon AU. A story inspired by Fanfiction author Warlordess that I made out of boredom. This story hilariously and interestingly was based not only on Warlordess' work, but a bit by the parody song "I Ship It" in a small way. Enjoy! Pokeshipping aka AAML aka Ash x Misty ('IT IS OTP!!!). And also rate...

  • Pokeshipping Oneshots for Pokeshipping week 2017
    9K 201 7

    7 Oneshots for 7 days until Pokeshipping day

  • Girlfriend
    657 44 1

    A little one-shot about Ash thinking of Misty in Kalos. My first fanfiction.

  • Into The Mist
    224 14 2

    This is a pokémon one shot story I guess... If you guys like it I'll make a Ash's P.O.V. This is also my FIRST story. Enjoy! The story takes place with Ash and Misty are celebrating their anniversary 13 Years but it's been a struggle to see each other. Soon Ash plans to propose to Misty but there something big that's...

  • I Think I Might Love Her (Pokeshipping)
    9.9K 297 8

    When Ash comes back to Kanto to see Misty he realizes that he might have some mixed emotions. Will Ash confess his strong feelings to his best friend?

  • Pokemon Oneshots
    250K 4.2K 69

    Oneshots from the game, anime, and manga. Posted every Tuesday and Thursday. *artwork and characters are not mine!

  • A Moment in Ti---Dang it! Pikachu!
    13.1K 514 20

    Ash and Misty had been together since the start of Ash's journey up until she left to head her gym. They had always had feelings for each other but they were always to shy to admit to it. Now, Ash is coming back after four long years and Misty plans to make her move. But what will happen when Ash is in a possible, may...

  • what.
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    hello pls fly the fuck away from here

  • Pokemon oneshots
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    Maybe slow updates but it will be updated in sync with my stories after 6th April that means after my exams Major Pokeshipping Contest shipping Ikarishipping

  • The Incident
    11.8K 420 29

    I'm rewriting the story. Sorry Eight years has passed since that day. Eight years that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. Yet, they could feel the pain everyday. In everything. In the last eight years they didn't live, they survived. The memories of that day still haunts them. They moved on but they still carry th...