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  • More Shakespeare's Sonnets
    37.3K 456 121

    Genres: Poetry/Romance. Summary: This is a collection of sonnets in the style and content of Shakespeare. Join Shakespeare as he tries to win the heart of his true love from the clutches of his dark mistress; but will he? Read and find out in the verses of good-old sonnets. Side Note: God help me, but I will do my ver...

  • Rhapsody
    9.9K 518 13

    La musica eleva l'anima ed ispira l'immaginazione. Si tratta di una serie di poesie con temi musicali. Music uplifts the soul and inspires the imagination. This is a series of poems using musical themes.

  • Words Fallen with Autumn's Leaves
    9.2K 272 12

    Just words and thoughts a bit different then my other poetry, but let's give it a try :)

  • On the breeze
    332 7 3

    Book of poems

  • Requiem To Oblivion
    245 10 2

    Music is poetry and poetry is music.

  • Innocence Slain
    3.8K 119 1

  • My Hijab
    83.3K 3.1K 2

    Why are you staring at me..huh!!!!!

  • Personas
    20.7K 384 21

  • Surrender with a Win
    4.2K 152 17

    *Surrender With A Win, *Sinful Love, *My Face, My body, My Fame *Apologies *Homo-sexual-ality, No. *You Walked Away *Dead.... *Mirrors... *Melissa. *I'm Dead *Its okay *YOU... *Apple Tree