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  • Grease On Broadway (A Negovanman fanfiction)
    1K 27 3

    After Carmilla, Natasha and Elise are ecstatic to be offered a job with a Broadway company, performing a lesbian version of the hit musical 'Grease' with Elise as Sandy and Natasha as Danny.

  • reculer pour mieux sauter (A Carmilla AU Fanfic)
    8.4K 228 42

    Previously titled 'Punching Bag'. Hollstein AU where everyone's human and a certain relationship goes on a three year hiatus after a member of said relationship "disappears". Also, Carmilla's an artist with anger issues and a motorcycle and Laura's dealing with a lot of shit. There's a lot of feelings. Also, only the...

  • Its been a while cupcake
    8.4K 155 4

    in this story Laura dying and in each life she falls in love with Carmilla. Laura wasn't turned she stayed human, aged, died. let her die, not live as a demon. no one wanted her to become a demon. they made most of their years though, her and Carmilla. no matter how long she lived, they were together. Carmilla would...

  • Hollstein: One Shot Prompts
    11K 406 26

    I stayed up until 12am with a friend of mine and she gave me a list of prompts that she basically begged me to write. Enjoy!

  • Forever Charmed
    27.2K 1.1K 33

    Laura Hollis is a half-witch, half-human who's just graduated from Magic School. She joins her friends' coven, but they're overly protective of the newbie, especially since Laura doesn't have any powers. When her new guardian angel Carmilla shows up and asks Laura not to tell anyone, Laura finds out the magical worl...

  • Someday I'm Gonna Be With You (Carmilla One-Shots)
    41.7K 1.3K 69

    68 one-shots + 1 contents page. Art used in the cover isn't mine

    Completed   Mature
  • Hollstein
    202K 5.1K 89

    collection of hollstein one shots

  • Carmilla (Hollstein) One-Shots
    15.2K 407 17

    Disclaimer: I don't own any music used in this writing, nor do I own the characters (This book will more than likely contain spoilers.) A collection of various randomly written one-shots for the pairing of Laura Hollis and Carmilla Karnstein, from the web series Carmilla. There's really no schedule for these, and the...

  • Delightfully Chaotic
    22.4K 731 21

    Carmilla and Laura are forced to return to Silas to finish what has started. With all that's been going on it begins to take a toll on their relationship. Carmilla begins questioning her strength and control when it comes to saving Laura. Can they face the tests that Silas throws at them this year?

  • Turn Away (A Hollstein Fic)
    58K 2.2K 35

    {AU INSPIRED BY TWENTY ONE PILOTS' "CANCER" (MCR) COVER} Laura: *I didn't plan this. I wasn't supposed to meet anyone. I didn't want to hurt anyone.* Carmilla: "Why do I have the feeling you're about to bring chaos to my entire life?" She smiles at me. {I DO NOT OWN ANY ART in my chapters. If I had sources I would pu...

  • Childcare
    47.6K 1.9K 46

    When a mishap involving the Alchemy Club turns most of the gang into children, Carmilla is left taking care of them. (Original plot ends at chapter 32. Random scattered snippets will follow "Epilogue")

  • Fix You
    37.2K 1.3K 16

    "Do I scare you?" The raven haired girl asks. Laura shakes her head with hesitation. She knew nothing of the girl and what she was capable of and That's what frightened her. "Good." Carmilla smiles amusingly at the obviously timid girl. {Full story description on the first page!}

  • God's Lonely Man
    48.4K 2K 26

    When Laura Hollis finds herself in a forest, burying the body of the man who attacks her one night, the last thing she expects to find is a mysterious girl doing the same thing. Especially when she's the daughter of the sheriff and the other girl has ties to a local crime lord...

  • Gratitude
    4.7K 119 10

    Years ago Carmilla was the slightly older daughter of Laura's abusive foster mother. Laura never got to thank her for what she did that day, now she might finally get that chance. Will try to post multiple times a week.

  • Gossip Column (Carmilla Fanfic)
    14.9K 646 26 A small accident and a photograph seen out of context turn Laura's life upside down when she finds herself becoming famous as the girlfriend of a punk star she never actually met.

  • AU and non AU oneshots
    763 26 2

    Carmilla based AU and non AU oneshots.

  • Back To You (Last Call Sequel)
    14.5K 638 10

    IF YOU HAVEN'T READ MY OTHER STORY, LAST CALL, I ADVISE YOU AVOID THIS STORY UNTIL YOU DO. Laura awakes to a pounding in her head and a girl she doesn't seem to know by her bedside. With Carmilla freaking out over Laura not being able to remember their own relationship, she seeks help from another source.. one of a d...

  • Black Cats and Calla Lilies || Hollstein
    3.8K 122 5

    -story by clementine_cake on AO3- Since the age of six, Laura Hollis has always seen a black cat perched in the branches of a tree just outside her window every night, always watching. Now, at age nineteen and attending the ever-strange Silas University, the black cat seems like a distant memory, but one that will alw...

  • Last Call
    50K 2.1K 24

    (First page of my book is a better description) Carmilla was on the edge of self destruction. She lost the love of her life to another and had a rough time coping. She had Nothing. When it seemed she was staring at the end, ready and willing to 'jump', a beautiful big brown doe eyed girl makes her question her existe...

  • The Story of Us
    428 18 1

    Hollstein AU

  • Carmilla minifics
    3.8K 60 4

    these are some au's or small fanfictions that poped into my head I am open to suggestions and as always I will give credit to the person who submitted the idea you can send me your idea here or on tumblr at Carmilla-is-my-kryptonite also this will mainly be hollstein and zeta society because I don't ship Lafery I just...

  • It Only Takes a Taste
    19.4K 584 30

    Carmilla Karnstein feels trapped in Silas, working at the local diner. A pie contest in the neighboring county is promising money, and a chance at a new life--and Carmilla does make a good pie. But starting over takes a lot more courage than wishing she could. Laura Hollis is already starting over--but, unlike Carmill...

  • Not Just Acting (Negovanman)
    411K 11K 45

    Season 0 for Carmilla has just been wrapped, and both leading women begin to express wanting a relationship past friendship. Do not duplicate my story unless you ask for my permission first and give me credit.

  • Fool's Gold
    61.3K 990 21 Carmilla HSAU, or the one with GSA co-captains LaFontaine and Perry, puppy quarterback Kirsch, track team captain Danny, broody teenager Carmilla and Laura who is about to find out she is not as heterosexual as she thought. [co-written by Olivia (

  • Hollstein Karate AU (Broken Champion on AO3)
    26.6K 850 16

    Laura is the new girl at a karate studio famous for it's most talented students: Carmilla Karnstein the five time U21 World Taekwondo Federation Tournament champion. Laura is has been her runner-up twice and never forgotten. Now that they are at the same studio and going on the yearly pre-tourney summer beach trainin...

  • Don't Forget To Remember Me
    52.7K 2K 13

    After a run-in with a witch, Carmilla returns missing memories from the past fifteen years -- including memories of Laura. As Laura struggles to piece together what happened to Carmilla, Carmilla finds herself slowly falling for this girl from her future.