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  • Alpha's Bargain
    1.1M 45.5K 52

    "It's in the bargain that you are required to stay in the Alpha's house." I scoffed. My heartbeat suddenly increased, both from his intense stare, and the fact that I would have to stay in the same house as him and the raven haired girl. "You're lying." He shrugged, his arrogance returning to him in full swing. "It wa...

  • My Mate Is Daddy
    1.8M 51.5K 47

    It was the most delightful smell I could ever smell right there behind that door. Suddenly everything stops and the only thing that I can see is that door. I swiftly open the door to meet the eyes of the most handsome man I've ever seen. "Mate," I whisper hypnotized by his darken almost black eyes at the sight of me. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Let's Play A Game, Alpha
    9.3M 318K 33

    "When will you accept me?'' Lucian murmured against my skin. The wonderful feeling only grew as he stepped closer, the thick muscles between our layers of clothing pressing against my back. He dipped his head. I could feel his lips against my ear when he spoke. "When, Victoria? I am tired of fighting with you. I know...

    Completed   Mature
  • Heart of Stone (Parts I & II)
    8.1M 384K 127

    [COMPLETE] Some bonds can't be broken, even in death. -- He couldn't endure another heartbreak. "Accepting her would be a mistake," he said. "She's a human. I can't afford to have her blood on my hands." Gwen looked away, and he knew she saw the image that flashed in his mind. The slaughter. Bodies everywhere. The put...

  • Not My Alpha
    132K 8.7K 52

    The world is at war with something they told themselves didn't exist. Werewolves. Samantha has always lived her life in fear of the world's newest predator. However, she has a plan for freedom and nothing is going to stop her from achieving it. Not even Samuel. *** I ran straight into the rocks, turning around quickl...

  • Alpha Jax
    1.9M 72.8K 47

    •Highest Ranking #2 in werewolf 3/10/18• "Don't you dare," he growled, pinning both of her wrists above her head. "Every whimper, every moan, every gasp of pleasure that escapes you are mine. You wouldn't want to withhold what is mine from me would you, Ástin mín?" ~~~~~~ She has no memory of her life or where she cam...

  • My Mute Mate
    686K 21.9K 50

    [WARNING:Needs Major Editing & has harsh materials that some readers may find disturbing, so read at your own risk.] [A werewolf story] It all begins when Lily's mother passed away when she was just 7 years old. Her father took their lives to a turn and became an alcoholic father. Her father became a person that Lil...

  • The Alpha's Expectations
    2.2M 85.1K 53

    Hudson doesn't really want a mate, but he knows he'll have one regardless of what he wants. So he decides that before he accepts her, she has to meet his expectations. And he has a lot. Alexis is the pack's joy and life. Everyone adores her as the Alpha's daughter. She is blessed by the Moon Goddess with a heart of...

  • WolfsBane
    63.9K 3.1K 30

    Eighteen-year-old Eva Green is a low ranked wolf who belongs to a poor pack. After being attacked by rogues her pack was given the opportunity to be watched over and protected by the strongest pack. This protection however comes with a price, the Redstone pack was put under the rule of the Blood Moon pack. Eva didn't...

  • Deserter
    72.2K 3.1K 32

    Eighteen year-old Shiloh Kessler was once the daughter of a powerful alpha, destined to inherit his pack. Until he was brutally slaughtered in front of her. For years she endured awful treatment at the hands of her own pack, and when she finally found her mate, she was callously rejected. Alone and ashamed, she flees...

  • The Alpha's Breeder (#Wattys2017)
    2.8M 115K 39

    "It has taken me far too long to find you. How could I let go of you?" he rumbled softly as if in contemplation, "How could I reject the best part of me?" His voice is deep and velvety with a husky undertone that seems to become even more heated with every word he speaks. I find myself completely enthralled by his lo...

  • Royal Alpha Jaxon ✔️
    13.3M 420K 36

    *Mature Content* (First installment of the Trial Series) *English Version* Juliette Kerson does not want to fall for the Alpha Kings scheme of luring in Wolves, forcing them to compete for a place in his pack by attending the Thirty Day Trial. She wants freedom, not discipline. But this year, she is nominated to comp...

  • The Boundary Line
    3.2M 120K 25

    After hearing about the brutal murder of a child in the neighbouring pack, Lucia is forced to attend a gathering with her father and Alpha with the enemy pack. The Dark Moon pack is one of the strongest packs to exist. Lucia has heard rumours of the cruel and cold hearted crimes that they have committed. When she went...

  • Kay's Royal Alpha Mate
    62.8K 2.5K 28

    "No.. NO What the fuck are you! Stay away from me." I said feeling a ping in my heart at my words. "You're my mate. I'm not going anywhere." He said stepping closer. His naked body was sweaty and I looked upwards so I wasn't tempted. "You're coming with me right now. Grab your things. Now." He said harshly. "No."I sa...

  • alpha blaze (discontinued)
    5.9M 206K 52

    He knew sorrow. He knew pain. He knew sacrifice. But he never knew anyone like her. She knew hardships. She knew strength. She knew determination. Yet she never knew anyone like him. __________________ Her life was built in the shadows, never being able to play with and act like the other wolves when she was a child...

  • Alpha Asher | Completed ✔️
    3.4M 166K 46

    *Mature Content* Once a year, he holds the greatest party known to man. He impresses the poor with his wealth and prosperity. He dangles tickets in front of the faces of poverty, making them wish that one day they could get invited. One day, I do. What I don't know, is that he is watching. The Alpha of Desire watch...

  • Beauty and The Beast (A Cursed Novel)
    176K 7.9K 23

    Book Two in the Cursed Series // Completed Upon the attempt on his brother's life, Xander was cursed to remain in his mansion forever. He is no stranger to his brother's power, but now he has the Moon Goddess on his side. He has spent the past six months residing in his locked tower in defeat. Rumors have spread arou...

  • He's My Mate! (Student/Teacher)
    11.8M 290K 52

    Jonathan Garner, ordinary high school Chemistry teacher, is engaged to be married to the love of his life, Julia. Life for the couple is as blissful as they had hoped it would be, until the mysterious Charlene Craig and her mother arrive in town. Jonathan finds himself drawn to Charlene in ways he fails to decipher...