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  • 11:01 PM
    25.9K 3.2K 57

    This is every time in the past year when I have cried, the people I've loved, the girls down the hallway, the nights I couldn't sleep, the tears falling on my shoulders, the broken hearts, the broken smiles, the invincible laughter, the crooked teeth. This is my story, and I do believe it is so similar for us all. I h...

  • Beyond Infinity
    2.7K 1.4K 19

    Poetry is what in a poem makes you laugh, cry, prickle, be silent, makes your toe nails twinkle, makes you want to do this or that or nothing, makes you know that you are alone in the unknown world, that your bliss and suffering is forever shared and forever all your own. Love..hate...broken hearts..breaking hearts...

  • Poetry is a Beautiful Thing
    3.9K 1.9K 74

    3-3-17 Highest Rank: #166 Poems for the lonely and depressed (Disclaimer: Some of my works are inspired by quotes or other poems) (I don't own the image in the cover, credit for the original owner.) (Trigger warning: suicide and depression topics here. In no way am I trying to promote suicide or self h...

  • A Deal With The Devil #Wattys2017
    8.9K 363 22

    Complete. Writting bonus chapters!!! Kate had a difficult childhood. When something happens to her brother, the past is dug up and Kate loses it, not knowing if she will ever find it again. 'Even when he would hit me, he was still my father. But the moment I made a deal with the devil I hated him. He was no longer my...

    Completed   Mature
  • Homophobe
    8.7K 723 9

    In which Wilhem Smith, a gay pre-law student is drugged and raped at a frat party but the only thing people are worried about is his sexuality.

  • Blots
    5.7K 1K 85

    [On hold] Key: |Straight Brackets| - Poetry. \Tilted Brackets/ - Passionate, Vaguely Poetic Prose or Free Verse. ~Wave Brackets~ - Poetry specifically between 1 and 3 sentences in length. ☆☆ For everyone, Who finds, Not in a graveyard or cretamorium, But in the drab, slow-burning windows of everyday life, Death. ☆☆ A...

  • Salt And Ink
    8.8K 849 86

    (#1 in Poetry 14th November 2015- 14th December 2015) (5th in What's Hot- Poetry, 20th January 2016) Cover picture- grunge (WeHeartIt) "Prepared thus to close, he raised his knife, Death came later; he was stabbed by life." When my ballpoint buckles, there is no stifling the blood that flows into verses. Nothing is to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Poems on Life
    5.8K 488 27

    #13 as on 20/02/17 An anthology of poems. Eruption of the volcano containing the lava of my pent-up emotions. Splashes of it on a piece of paper. "The bottle containing the ink of thoughts is overflowing, I have no choice but to pen down those words glowing, Whether the reader is left to mope or exhilarate, At least...

  • Poetic Rants By Akram Sadiq
    11.6K 3.5K 125

    **Winner of (Poetry Prize Awards) for (Best Poet) & (Best Poetry book) categories... **Winner of (Le Book Award) for (best Free Verse Poetry Read) **First place winner of The Elimination monthly Awards (June 2017) # My name is Akram Sadiq. I'm a Juilliard student. Piano is my life. Music is my soul. Poetry is my dark...

  • As Snow Falls
    8.5K 1.6K 9

    "Woah, easy there tiger," he says, raising his hands in front of him, "I'm only trying to help." Trapped in the frozen mountains of Alaska with no phone, car or warmth, what will Alex do when her only saviour may be the man she wished she would never meet again? A certain green-eyed man who broke her heart. ...

    9K 2.1K 109

    EIGHT words are enough to express your thoughts. I never knew eight words could hold much meaning until now. If you don't believe me Check out this book to know the eight words magic! I'm sure you'll enjoy these eight words journey Do let me know, what you think of this book! Have fun:)

  • One word
    527 56 18

    WARNING! This does mention name calling which is also known as bullying. it also mentions abuse. Anyway i hope you guys enjoy this. A short 'Story' about how affective bullying is, Or how much One word can do to damage a person.

  • Pieces of Mind
    7.5K 1.5K 77

    #66 in poetry 5/11/17 ~~~ Yet something hasn't changed, for I still wished I could pulverize into atoms, and become the air you breathe in... ~~~ From when she made me human...

  • Priestess of Xiania
    443 223 5

    A world with so much fantasy where all GODS exist. It was a story in which the Priestess of Xiania was possessed by an evil. In order to save her, the life and love of the GODS, they should gather the demigods and purify the priestess. Her guardians named Xenix--a talking cat--gathers demigods or so-called magic weild...

  • His Stranger [COMPLETE]
    137K 5.7K 146

    A story in which he spends his nights talking to a stranger. #47 in Short Story - 25.07.17 Cover by @guyswithguitars Copyright © 2017 @_illuminating All Rights Reserved

  • Tongue tied but heart speaks - #TheFlowers
    14.2K 2.9K 74

    Highest rank #40 SO FAR .... !! Heart speaks to those hearts which are alive and feel the passion and deepness of feelings. We all speak by our heart first then words fall out of our mouths. She wants to speak Speak out loud But she is afraid Afraid of being judged Afraid of thoughts of people Afraid of showing her...

  • Transfixed (ContestsAndThings Writing) ✔
    37 3 1

    'Transfixed- Of Chartreuse gowns and Baby Blue sneakers.' Breeze enters the narrator's life, and, true to her name, she adds new life and charms the narrator to no small end... (My entry to @ContestsAndThings 'Writing Contest' (Love at first sight)- Third place winner)

  • Of Doubt, Hope and Trust ✔
    75 9 1

    When Doubt is the only thing keeping Hope and Trust apart, and Doubt is the reason Hope is fading away... Winner of @Beingwoman 's 'Contest for Woman Empowerment'- Contest 01-Oppression Entry for @Skyizblue 's contest A colossal thank you to @Carol19920 for the splendid cover! Peak ranking so far- #279 in Short Stor...

  • In The Sea Of Feelings
    16.6K 3.9K 56

    [Highest Ranking#1] These are the the ships i have sailed in through the sea of my feelings.... hope you would like to experience them too.... this is a voyage you complete or dont start... stopping in middle of dangerous waters isn't a good idea you know.. ^-^ Do not plagiarize or there shall be legal action..... al...

  • A Poetry Soul
    2.3K 675 63

    Live life. We all know that sentence. That is what we do everyday. We all know that. Though, in life, everybody does not live. Some human beings, they survive. Therefore, let me tell you that sometimes, you got to let your feelings slay. I am not talking about killing something or somebody. I am talking about making...

  • Colourful Darkness
    5K 1K 259

    A Collection Of My Poems PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT! EDIT: 1,400 VIEWS! THANK YOU! 69 in poetry (15/01/16) 61 in poetry (19/01/16) Comment and vote!

  • Ballads of The Undead
    1K 195 8

    Highest Rank: #89 in Poetry ^_^ Sitting in my patch, looking back on my life I felt a tap on my shoulder.. Rotating my head a 180° I came face to face with another soul *literally* "Hey there! Didn't see you coming" ...

    95 10 8

    Blanca Castle A renowned model, and Star model of her father's magazine "PM" (PINK MAGAZINE), she lives the perfect celebrity life though with problems but with a supportive boyfriend and a loyal Right-hand girl, she always resolves them. But what will happen to Blanca when her boyfriend Mark Miles aka "MM GUY" break...

  • ✒Poems Exposed
    8.6K 2.5K 82

    #8 in Poetry (Apr 2017).🎭 To see the truth behind the lies... To know the meaning of inconsistent cries... To bring out the realities, archived... ====================✑ Awards won: #People's Choice Award (by earnestycommunity) #Best Cover (by earnestycommunity) #Simply Sweet of Royaly Yours Awards #People's Choice (...

  • The Light For My Darkness
    2K 660 59

    #301 in short story. She was his light but he didn't realize. He was the darkness that couldn't be seen. Light crosses darkness. Darkness meets light. Will he reject his light? Cover by me. All Right Reserved©

  • Beauty Among Pain | [Winner Edition]
    454 51 7

    [UPDATE: This is the Winners Edition! Alongside is a bonus chapter called 'Burial At Sea'. Go ahead and check it out! ] A tale of two people struggling, living, and loving under the wrong circumstances Beauty Among Pain is part of the #YoungWritersClub, #ProjectElevate, #WriteForYou, #ProjectSemicolon and #Since...

  • Ethereal Illusions // Poetry Book
    3.7K 1.8K 24

    Highest Rank: #41 (March 6, 2017) Ethereal, It means delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. Illusions, It means wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses. • I am just trying to find a place in the world, but they all seem to be filled. • Cracks in the moon, Mirror just my own...