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  • Angel Awards(open)
    1.2K 138 14

    These are the Angel Awards to you all its about competition challenge yourself to win these prizes🎰

  • The Crystal Awards 2017 - OPEN!
    10.6K 1K 12

    Cover by @sweetishlove NOW OPEN! This awards is based on the quality of your book, not the quantity of your readers. For more information, look inside.

  • The Holo Awards
    2.1K 285 12

    Come be a holosexual and join The Holo Awards! We accept all writers, no matter the amount of reads you have! Read inside for all the rules and prizes!

  • The Equestrian Awards [OPEN]
    1.3K 196 9

    Losing one contest to the next? 0 reads or wanting more? Undiscovered or confused? An awards created by a cringey/funny person with 3 amazing admins by her side. Join the Equestrain Awards today!

  • The 2017 Watty Awards
    295K 21K 7

    Welcome to The 2017 Watty Awards, honoring the creativity and craft of storytelling on Wattpad. Since 2010, The Watty Awards have discovered and recognized hundreds of writers around the world. Whatever your passion - fanfic, personal essays, poetry, graphic novels, or any other genre imaginable - we want to hear fro...

  • The Secret Worlds Contest [CLOSED]
    635 53 11

    A writing competition for those amazing writers that may or may not be very well known! In this contest, it's a fight to the death! Not really, but you know how competitions go. Are you willing to give it your best shot? For more info, just click the read button.

  • 2017 The Dream Book Awards [OPEN]
    5.2K 612 9

    Everyone has dreams right? Whether it's becoming a published author or eating the new flavoured ice cream in your neighbouring shop, we all have them. And yeah...I love ice creams. Anyways, The dream awards is an awards hosted annually by me to cherish those amazing and beautiful stories out there who take us to a dre...

  • Galaxy Book Contest ( CLOSED )
    6.6K 331 16


  • Out Of The Box Awards [Closed For Judging]
    3.9K 334 8

    Hello amazing authors! Here we are, looking for authors who think out of the box and are willing to enter the competition to be our Goldenartiste. This award serves also to provide a chance for undiscovered authors to publicize their books! We depend on our judges for the decision making and not on voting, so this cou...

  • The Flower's Awards (Judging Stage)
    6.2K 521 17

    The Flower Awards is now in its judging stage be sure to stay tuned for the voting stage so you can vote for all your favriote authors! Copyright ©2017 by Ally M. All Rights Reserved

  • Your LOVE Awards [OPEN]
    4.1K 440 13

    [OPEN] Some of us have applied to thousands of contests already, and often times, we haven't had much luck in getting any recognition. Sound familiar? Don't worry - we've all been there. We wanted to find a way to fix this... Thus, yourLOVEawards was born! Our team includes highly experienced writers and readers who h...

  • Story Of The Month Contest
    6.8K 435 7

    Hi Wattpadders! So as you all know this Wattpad's Help Service account. Not Wattpad it self but affiliated with Wattpad. Here we post voting, results and updates chapters on our new monthly #StoryOfTheMonthContest This contests is for all different genres and is host monthly right here on Wattpad. (WHS)

  • Cover Contest
    1.7K 208 24

    Hey!! Here you will do contest. These are cover contests where you make covers regarding what I say.

  • Shines 2017
    20.8K 1.5K 18

    We give you The Shines Award! Few Rules Few Stories Different Genres A Panel of Judges-- NO VOTES! Will your book make it? Get ready, The Shines Award is here! Want to know more? Read on! Founder-- Saniya Akbar. Head Judges @PiesandThighs and @neubera Highest rank:- #5 in Random (23.04.17)

  • The Critique's Choice Awards
    1.8K 167 3

    Welcome to the first ever edition of The Critique's Choice Awards. All the genres and authors are received with the same warmth. Read ahead for further information.

  • Cover Contests {Open}
    1.2K 315 6

    {Open} Cover Contests are here! Test your cover skills with these fun contests and prizes! Contests by @BellSistersGraphics We love cover contests, and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do ♥ ~The Bell Sisters

  • Seasons Believing Awards
    1.8K 140 7

    This is a place for all you authors hiding in the shadows to come out and embrace your awesomeness!! Yes my cover sucks. Deal with it lmao

  • The Wing Awards 2017 Contest [Closed]
    9.2K 782 31

    🦋DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN THE WING AWARDS!?🦋 Only one way to find out. ~~~> Are you an undiscovered writer who wants to be discovered? Well, here's a chance to get just a little more recognition. ~~~~*~~~~ Hello everyone! This is a contest that anyone can join, look inside for more information...

  • The Best Of Watties Awards 2017 [JUDGING]
    43.7K 3.5K 37

    Welcome, the amazing authors of wattpad, to the first ever "The Best Of Watties Awards 2017" This Award celebrates your writing! This Award praise your writing! We know it takes a lot to write and publish a story So here, Check in for further information. The Image Link For the participants is:

  • Indigo Awards {Closed}
    9.9K 938 22

    Thank you @Ashlybobo for the amazing cover.Go follow her for covers :) A contest for both discovered and undiscovered authors....because you can't judge a book by numbers of views and votes it have. ~Emma Highest Rank- #7 in Non fiction.(26/04/17)

  • Weekly Awards[OPEN]
    12.8K 1.1K 34

    #60 IN RANDOM As you already know. What we do here at Earnesty Community is make sure you undiscovered and discovered writers out there get the recognition you need for your creativity. Writing is a big deal and we know each and every writer once in their writing life would want someone to recognise them for their w...

  • The 2017 Golden Pen Awards [Completed]
    45K 3.2K 27

    The 2017 Golden Pen Awards Do you think you're the best writer? Do you love competitions and awards? Enter the 2017 Golden Pen Awards! {Completed} 89 in random!!!!

  • The Shine Graphic Awards
    487 31 2

    The Shine Awards celebrate under-discovered authors, and the Shine Graphic Awards celebrate under-discovered graphic designers. Are you good at making graphics? Do you want to learn? Do you want to check out awesome graphics? Well, then this is the book for you :)

  • The Monthly Awards 2017
    657 80 7

    Look inside for details! Cover made by @xIamxthexbestx !!

  • The Wise Awards 2017
    311 34 2

    This is "The Wise Awards 2017". This competition is only for the brave ones who signed up in the sign up book "The Life Awards 2017" with 1K-10K views all together

  • The GalaxyMoon Awards 2017
    233 18 4

    Welcome to The GalaxyMoon Awards where you can nominate yourself and your favourite books on Wattpad!

  • Writing Contests
    4.6K 229 18

    OK. If you want to see if your writing can compete against other peoples or if your just bored and looking for something to do then click here!!!!!!! Also because I believe in it's what taking part that counts anyone who enters will be followed by me!!! New contest at at least every week!! Prizes to make you more po...

  • The Sparkle Awards 2017 | C L O S E D
    10.2K 885 19

    Are you ready to get your sparkle on? And no, I don't mean get ready to shower yourself with glitter. I mean, you could but if you did please take safety precautions as we don't want anyone choking on glitter. No, what I mean is, are you ready to let your writing talents sparkle? Well, you should be because otherwise...