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    Title says it all! Requests are CLOSED till further notice. ENJOY! ❤️ (NO SMUT REQUEST!)

  • Kpop Imagines-Requests Closed
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    Heyo! This book is for reactions/scenarios/imagines of kpop boy groups! feel free to request if requests are open! requests are currently: closed In this book (atm) you will find: B1A4 Bigbang Bigflo Boyfriend Block B BTOB BTS Exo High4 NU'EST Seventeen SHINee Teentop Up10tion VIXX I currently write for: 24K (all mem...

  • I Love you Baby, I'm not a Monster{GTOP}
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  • One Call Away→ Wonho [Monsta X]
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    【one·call·away ↬anybody who is in love with somebody, and doesn't get to see that person every single day】 Copyright ©-taeboo | 2016

  • Unrequited // Minhyuk (Monsta X)
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    "Unrequited" is a story about the School Prince, Lee Minhyuk, and the School Beauty #2, Min Ah. Started: October 26, 2016 Completed: June 24, 2017 Disclaimer: Parts of the story is inspired by the Chinese drama "Love O2O" but the other parts are based on my imagination.

  • TALK TO ME || YOO Kihyun ✔
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    She always saw him at the corner of her cafe, sitting for hours doing nothing, he never talk to anyone exept her worker Chae Hyungwon, because they know each other. He always order a cup of Caramel Macchiato. She know his name, Kihyun, she know it since Hyungwon always wrote that name on the label on the mug for his o...

  • Midnight ; minhyuk
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    "are you okay?"

  • Fallen Love - Monsta X Kihyun ff
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    "As long as I'm alive or dead. I'll always love you, no matter what. Remember that," he kiss me.

  • MonstaX Oneshot Collection [CLOSE]
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    Have you watched Starship's Survival Show, NO. MERCY? Already became a fan of them? I know it might be too early to make a story but author has already fallen inlove with them! And if you too, you can read oneshots about them here!

  • MONSTA X Short Imagines !!
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    I'm new to writing fanfics / imagines ! Do bare with me if my words aren't clear ;3; I'm also @jshyemi on Instagram !! Do follow me here and there , you can request for other members or other groups idols imagines too , just comment or dm me on instagram !! /throws hearts like namu. 혜미.

  • Monsta x one-shots
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    [Monsta X One - Shots] Monsta X One - Shots (DM FOR REQUEST)

  • I'm In Love With A Youtuber (AMBW) (A Monsta X Love Story)
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    Yon&Yun are 2 youtubers who managed to get the hearts of Hyungwon&Minhyuk for Monsta X. What happens when the girls have a meet&great in Korea & the guys go? The rest of Monsta X also finds love in unexpected places also...

  • HEY!! I LOVE YOU!!!!
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    Alana, a girl from Brazil and in a newly debuted band, falls in love with two different artists, Wonho and Jackson. Both musical personnels try to win over her heart. While managing her band, she had to choose one of the boys. Will it be Monsta-X's Wonho, or Got7's Jackson?

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    Hello the people who loves monsta x I will be posting funny pics of them *please don't be mad* but vote that will be great and enjoy :)

  • Monsta in Disguise
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    My best friend Jooheon is finally about to debut. So I'm going to suprise him even though we haven't seen each other for six years. but I already contacted his manager, and he is 100% okay with it. Everything has been scheduled and set up... so there's no going back now. Time to pay him a visit... That so called visit...

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    Its about MONSTA X secret daily 'love' live. Special for MONSTA X STAN. esp HYUNGWONHO shipper. Will update if anyone commented on this. if you interest in my story give me a star ^^

  • Do You Love Me [Minhyuk] [✓]
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    What happens when you love a guy who you think might not like you back? You and Lee Minhyuk have been friends since forever. And like most stereotypical girl and boy bestfriends you fell in love with him. But after all these years you feel like giving up on this one sided love and decided to find a new one. However...

  • That Playboy is My Husband?! (Monsta X & Twice)
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    "No, this is bad! Why does this have to happen to me?!" - Dahyun. "No way! This can't happen to me! Why her?!" - Kihyun. Started: 01.09.16

  • BTS Smut Stories (request closed!) See Description!
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    Just a bunch of smuts. Right now I, Pixal Admin will be the only one taking requests. Thank You! Hey! So I haven't been in contact with Pixal Admin in a while, so idk if she's doing these anymore so I'm just closing requests for now. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will only be working on my BTS MPreg book for now, bc...

  • EXO Smuts
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    |Warning| Mature Content | •Read At Your Own Risk•

  • Your EXO daddy
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    Whose your EXO daddy ? [smut]

  • Kyungsoo fanfic
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    This is a story about a high school girl that changes the life of the popular kyung soo and helps him to find his way to true love ^_^

  • [EXO D.O] Do Kyungsoo? Stay by my Side!
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  • Exo Smuts and Imagines
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    Just a bunch of imagines involving the beautiful boys of Exo. The first few are smuts, then the rest will be cute/romantic/sad and maybe the occasional smut. I update regularly so keep checking back for more imagines! I will do requests, so just drop me a message if you want one!

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    smuts. smuts. smuts. looking for exo smuts? then this is the right book to read!

  • Exo smuts
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  • Exo Smut Plus ㅇㅅ <
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  • "The Sweet Dreams Series" 18+ with EXO
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    2 years has passed and I finally took the guts to take a glimpse of this. I will write the smut scenarios...until then. ft smtown & ygfamily not really though ////////stop requesting please.