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  • halo • narry
    14 4 1

    "haz, you're going crazy." but he could swear there was a halo above this beautiful boy's head.

  • YOU
    97 10 4

    Narry fanfiction with Niall Horan and Harry Styles. Source of inspiration: The movie "You," I've seen on Netflix. But I make it into a Narry history. Harry's the predator (as always I guess) and Niall's the victim, or at least the one as Harry wants. Simple story. The psychopath chasing after innocent victim.

  • Out of Love (narry)
    921 149 6

    Oh, when did you fall out of love with me? * * * Out of Love - Alessia Cara

  • n.h + h.s
    24 3 2

    one-shots of two amazing people. (pretty obvious but none of this is real, including narry, no matter how much i wish it could be)

  • newsflash // narry
    82 9 2

    "MORE THAN BROTHERLY LOVE? Just last night, singer Harry Styles was caught kissing ex-bandmate Niall Horan..." or Niall and Harry are rather careless and impulsive, but neither can bring themselves to care.

  • narry one shots
    67 6 2

    just some narry one shots for all you narry trash out there >request open<

  • Finally Free // Narry AU
    156 9 2

    Niall Horan. 18. Singer-Songwriter and definitely straight. Harry Styles. 18. Sports superstar and model (in secret). definitely straight. That is until an unprecedented meeting brings them together and rewrites their paths, but with so many challenges thrown at them in this crazy world, can they ever make it work?

  • Not so Little guy (Narry AU)
    1K 149 16

    A Cute Niall and Hot Harry combination! Fluffy, cute. sexy and sweet story! Add to your library and reading list 💕 Thank you for sparing your time for my story! Love y'all! ❤

  • Just A Kid || Narry AU
    146 19 3

    "I need this job. Badly." He paces and looks over to me, biting his lip leaving me hungry for an answer. "Can you play the guitar?" And so it began COMING SOON!!

  • Angel Wings ≫ Narry
    1K 107 10

    'Mr Horan.' the nurse said. 'Niall Horan?' The nurse nodded. 'He's here?!' Or where Harry works in a hospital and finds his ex-boyfriend Niall with Amnesia. {Narry Storan story} Contains swear words.

  • Mor•phine||Ziam
    2K 244 8

    The one where it's 1944, war is raging on in Europe yet two British soldiers become eachothers numbing drug until one gets taken hostage by the enemy and the other is then desperate to find him.

  • Royals |N.S.|
    645 102 3

    Where Niall is in desperate need of help and Harry just happens to be the person perfect for the job.

  • Elysian || Narry Mpreg
    9.3K 655 18

    "If you're so good with words, then go on, describe me in one word." I leaned over the table so my face was closer to his and my chin hovered over my coffee mug. A small smiled graced his face, and he leaned over his closed laptop so we were even closer, as his beautiful green eyes quickly scanned my features. "Elys...

  • Niall Has Amnesia?!? Book Two
    1.9K 129 17

    Book Two of Plane Crash This story is the continuation of the first book "Plane Crash". After Niall and Harry went through the plane crash, being kidnapped and finally found and taken to the hospital, Niall wakes up from his coma only to find that he can't remember anything. Niall Horan has amnesia. Started Februar...

  • you again - narry au
    38.6K 2.9K 23

    Where one of Niall's university professors turns out to be none other than his 25 year old ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles. // credit to @nipple-harry for the cover!! //

  • The Old Switcheroo
    495 36 3

    Harry is a surgeon. Niall is a doctor. They met. They wake up and they switch bodies. Like.

  • Roads Untravelled | n.s
    206 26 2

    a road trip that changed their lives.

  • sweet creature
    114 17 2

    A story where Harry loves to travel and keeps finding a beauty in the midst of woods never coming in his reach.

  • Go the Distance (Prequel To Spaces)
    673 38 5

    What lead to so much space being put between two people who thought they were closer. Welcome to the story before the story, and it's bumpier than the first one. Get ready to experience young delinquent Harry and the blonde haired boy with the great blue eyes that he can't help but want to be good for. As well as Ni...

  • Enthralling Emerald (A Narry Storan Fanfiction)
    192 8 3

    He's his savior. He's his Alpha. He's his sugar daddy. When a law is passed ordering all Omegas, of age or not, to bond with an Alpha to care for them, impoverished Harry Style's life changes drastically. The eighteen year old has been on his own for eight years, and he has grown fond of his independence and ability t...

  • Can't touch this
    74 7 2

    What if we live in a world where you can't touch your soulmate unless somehow you can. Follow Harry and Niall as they live their lives in love and unable to be physically close to each other.

  • Positively Normal (boyxboy)
    126 16 3

    Time flashes before your eyes when you meet your soulmate. You remember all the good times you've had and all the negative energy goes away. You become normal when you find your soulmate.

  • Model Material (BoyxBoy)
    828 66 6

    Au where Harry is a model and Niall is his mums friends son. Soulmate Au where either boy can see all the colors except for the color of their soulmates eyes

  • butterfly (and the moth) • narry
    195 37 3

    niall is a beautiful butterfly with far fetched ideas and harry understands him. it works.

  • Narry One Shots
    13.4K 624 29

    A collection of Narry one shots that I'd written either because I was bored, or just felt a need to create something. It might contain mature content! I will warn you at the beginning of the chapter whether it's mature or not, so if you're not comfortable with it, just don't read it. Also, it's a BOYxBOY story.

  • When Held by Kings (n.s.)
    978 115 3

    Sir Harry knew going undercover would be extremely dangerous, but he would risk everything to rescue Queen Niall and return him home. *working description*

  • Catalyst | narry au
    3.4K 298 7

    Harry's a surgeon and Niall's a nurse. Basically Harry has the hots for Niall.

  • Daddy Long Legs | narry au |
    1.6K 104 8

    " What did you just call me?" " Daddy Long Legs." " Why?" " Because you have long legs and you're daddy." ~*~*~ Or it's the one where Niall Horan is in love with Harry Styles and loves to low-key call him daddy long legs. But, Niall is a little too shy to talk to him and will just have to talk about daddy long legs in...

  • Slave to your love (Narry)
    679 31 3

    While the interviewer touches Niall hairs, he watch angrily, saying to himself, Niall's going to regret it tonight... WARNING: THIS STORY HAVE MATURE CONTENT YOU MUST PAST THE SMUT IF YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO SEE SMUT

  • Princess
    15 0 1

    Niall and Harry have been I dating for about A year. Harry has a Obsession of Calling Niall Princess.