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  • Elysian || Narry Mpreg
    8.7K 646 17

    "If you're so good with words, then go on, describe me in one word." I leaned over the table so my face was closer to his and my chin hovered over my coffee mug. A small smiled graced his face, and he leaned over his closed laptop so we were even closer, as his beautiful green eyes quickly scanned my features. "Elys...

  • Niall Has Amnesia?!? Book Two
    1.4K 120 15

    Book Two of Plane Crash This story is the continuation of the first book "Plane Crash". After Niall and Harry went through the plane crash, being kidnapped and finally found and taken to the hospital, Niall wakes up from his coma only to find that he can't remember anything. Niall Horan has amnesia. Started Februar...

  • you again - narry au
    25.2K 1.9K 20

    Where one of Niall's university professors turns out to be none other than his 25 year old ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles. // credit to @nipple-harry for the cover!! //

  • The Old Switcheroo
    471 34 3

    Harry is a surgeon. Niall is a doctor. They met. They wake up and they switch bodies. Like.

  • Roads Untravelled | n.s
    195 26 2

    a road trip that changed their lives.

  • sweet creature
    114 17 2

    A story where Harry loves to travel and keeps finding a beauty in the midst of woods never coming in his reach.

  • Go the Distance (Prequel To Spaces)
    610 38 5

    What lead to so much space being put between two people who thought they were closer. Welcome to the story before the story, and it's bumpier than the first one. Get ready to experience young delinquent Harry and the blonde haired boy with the great blue eyes that he can't help but want to be good for. As well as Ni...

  • Enthralling Emerald (A Narry Storan Fanfiction)
    168 8 3

    He's his savior. He's his Alpha. He's his sugar daddy. When a law is passed ordering all Omegas, of age or not, to bond with an Alpha to care for them, impoverished Harry Style's life changes drastically. The eighteen year old has been on his own for eight years, and he has grown fond of his independence and ability t...

  • Can't touch this
    70 7 2

    What if we live in a world where you can't touch your soulmate unless somehow you can. Follow Harry and Niall as they live their lives in love and unable to be physically close to each other.

  • Positively Normal (boyxboy)
    125 16 3

    Time flashes before your eyes when you meet your soulmate. You remember all the good times you've had and all the negative energy goes away. You become normal when you find your soulmate.

  • Model Material (BoyxBoy)
    803 65 6

    Au where Harry is a model and Niall is his mums friends son. Soulmate Au where either boy can see all the colors except for the color of their soulmates eyes

  • butterfly (and the moth) • narry
    189 37 3

    niall is a beautiful butterfly with far fetched ideas and harry understands him. it works.

  • Narry One Shots
    10K 525 26

    A collection of Narry one shots that I'd written either because I was bored, or just felt a need to create something. It might contain mature content! I will warn you at the beginning of the chapter whether it's mature or not, so if you're not comfortable with it, just don't read it. Also, it's a BOYxBOY story.

  • When Held by Kings (n.s.)
    943 110 3

    Sir Harry knew going undercover would be extremely dangerous, but he would risk everything to rescue Queen Niall and return him home. *working description*

  • Catalyst | narry au
    3.2K 297 7

    Harry's a surgeon and Niall's a nurse. Basically Harry has the hots for Niall.

  • Daddy Long Legs | narry au |
    1.5K 104 8

    " What did you just call me?" " Daddy Long Legs." " Why?" " Because you have long legs and you're daddy." ~*~*~ Or it's the one where Niall Horan is in love with Harry Styles and loves to low-key call him daddy long legs. But, Niall is a little too shy to talk to him and will just have to talk about daddy long legs in...

  • Slave to your love (Narry)
    666 31 3

    While the interviewer touches Niall hairs, he watch angrily, saying to himself, Niall's going to regret it tonight... WARNING: THIS STORY HAVE MATURE CONTENT YOU MUST PAST THE SMUT IF YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO SEE SMUT

  • Princess
    14 0 1

    Niall and Harry have been I dating for about A year. Harry has a Obsession of Calling Niall Princess.

  • The Reunion (Narry)
    1.8K 96 15

    Louis is married to Eleanor and now owns Simon's record label while raising his son Freddie. Liam is a single model living in the heart of LA, he's one of the biggest model in the industry. Harry is an well known actor getting his start in Dunkirk and then moving onto bigger things like the newest Nicholas Sparks movi...

  • Uptown Boy (Narry Storan)
    67.1K 4.3K 55

    "I just wanted you to fuck me but I got greedy and wanted you to love me." The one where Niall is a simple car mechanic, and Harry's a famous designer and somehow, fate led them together. - credit to rightful owners of images/manips/gifs :)

    Completed   Mature
  • Genesis (Narry)
    54.2K 5.3K 63

    'I've been sick and tired of running, Chasing all of the flashing lights. These late nights don't mean nothing, So I just wanna apologize I'm sorry, so sorry, I'm sorry, yeah I need your love and I'm dying for the rush 'Cause my heart ain't got enough I need your touch. This is getting serious, tell me that it's not t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Maybe We Shouldn't -n.s-
    8.1K 317 17

    "I don't think we should be doing this." "shh baby, let daddy take care of you." ++++++ In which Harry lusts after Niall his assistant and somehow develops a kink... ++++++ Slow updates. Updates so slow you would want to kill the author but I'm trying okay!? I'm sorry. Enjoy.

  • Club 09 (Narry)
    6.3K 342 12

    "It's just a job like no other. You work. You get paid. What's the difference between mine and yours?" "I keep my clothes on." COPYRIGHT © 2016 Goofybrunette All Rights Reserved.

  • narry one shots
    27.5K 1.4K 25

    Whatever pops into my mind // Cover made by @grandeslonghair !! //

  • // all i want // n.s
    404 62 6

    from learning to ride a bike to first kisses to broken promises Harry and Niall fall in love, but the 1950's was not an easy time for them. they do go against all odds but is it even worth it in the end? Or the one where all niall ever wanted was for harry to stay but it's much more complicated than that. // based lo...

  • sign of the times // n.s.
    206 24 3

    the year 2820 is the year niall travels back in time and meeting harry really wasn't part of the plan // uploaded: 06/ 29/17

  • trapped!! (Narry)
    102 11 9

    Niall and Harry have been together for years have their own house and everything but what happens when a tornado comes and rips their house apart where do they end up are they alive find out in trapped. (DO NOT STEAL OR OVER RIGHT THIS STORY IT IS MINE!

  • Niall Centric Stories
    88K 2.8K 81

    Hi, guys so this is Niall Centric book. If you have some ideas for the stories, Just leave the description in the comments or you can message me. I will 100% write it ASAP. Hope you'll enjoy this book. P.S. I'm not from UK or America so English is not my first language. I'm actually coming from Croatia it's a country...

  • Broken Boy [Narry]
    432 34 3

    A blond 20 year old barista finds out his favorite regular is in an abusive relationship. He saves him. And then maybe falls in love.