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  • is our love valid? ; phan
    90.4K 3.7K 55

    *lower case and misspellings are intended* dan is alone. he always has been. he would spend day in and day out on multiple chat websites hoping one day he indeed will find a friend. that is, until a certain boy named phil lester sends a chat request to him, and he flips his shit. some one had finally wanted to be his...

  • heart like yours / phan
    55.7K 4.3K 7

    "i'm counting down the days to go." or in which a boy who is waiting for his life to be over may be losing to cancer, but he also saved his best friend's life and, in return, won his heart.

  • Storms and Fluff
    9.4K 430 7

    This is a story to help you recover from the Cherry Fic, Hat fic, Flesh fic, Skin Fic, Milk Fic and any other ones along the lines of those. COME WITH ME I WILL HEAL YOU WITH FLUFF. Please tell me if there are any grammar, spelling, punctuation, or POV mistakes. ~S

  • You're The Straw To My Berry (Phan)
    5M 185K 53

    Feelings appear. Sparks fly. Love rises. Problems occur. NOTE: This is a 'safe' fanfiction. There is NO self harm, eating disorders or suicide included in this story. Rest assured that you should not be triggered while reading. NOTE 2: This story is four years old and I'd like to think my writing has developed! There...

  • forgotten / phan
    82.3K 6.5K 41

    Dan Howell is in love with his best friend, Phil Lester. Phil is getting married. Dan is in love with Phil. He is too scared to tell him. [HIGHEST RANK; #463 in fanfiction] Copyright © 2016

  • [DDLB/PHAN] Baby Philly
    135K 4.4K 34

    Pj told Dan that Phil and him could be friends. But Phil is v reluctant

  • Lifetime Of Laughter (Danisnotonfire X Reader)
    108K 3.9K 35

    You and Connor Franta have been best friends since high school. You didn't like him for his fame, but his friendship. Connor helped you through the worst of times, saving you from depression and times of need. However, when Connor moves to London, you're life is upside down! The misery comes to be depression, so much...

  • all of the stars [phan-completed]
    22.6K 1.6K 11

    "he looked up, and fell in love all over again with the idea of a happy ending." [in which dan howell misses phil lester, and he just wants him back] + lowercase intentional inspired by "all of the stars" by ed sheeran trigger warnings: character death, self harm, suicide

    Completed   Mature
  • The lying llama // Phan (COMPLETED 10/12/16)
    55K 1.6K 31

    **TRIGGER WARNING: SELF HARM, ABUSE, etc*** COMPLETED 10/12/16 Dan walks into class one day with a black eye, a burst lip and bruises and cuts up his arm. What is he hiding from Phil?

  • Fine || Phan
    219K 9.4K 49

    That feeling deep down in your stomach, the craving. Yeah, I've had that. But not for food or blood or lust. The emptiness achieved from not eating since Monday. That's what I craved. #414 in fanfiction lol get recked

  • Finger Paint | Phan
    191K 5.9K 53

    {P h a n : C o m p l e t e d} "Help Me" trigger warning : suicide, self-harm

  • The Vampire's Heart - Phan
    62.1K 3.4K 12

    Story after story of vampires begin to surface around Dan's quiet, little town, but there is no way that they're real, right? When Dan stumbles across the path of the last thing he'd expect to see, he is terrified. But, he soon learns that this creature is just as afraid, and wants nothing more than a friend himself...

  • I Believe in Magic - Phan [#Wattys2017]
    64.9K 5.4K 27

    Magic, illusion, love and destruction... Phil Lester came into this world like anyone else. However, he is far from normal. Born with intense magic powers, he has trained his entire life with a teacher to help him control himself so that he may live a normal and safe life without endangering himself or others. Wh...

  • My Blood, Your Bones - Phan
    94.8K 4.2K 20

    Young Dan Howell, who lives with his alcoholic father, lost his mother to cancer less than a year ago, and is killing himself. Phil Lester, a boy picked on for his weight, lives alone from the rest of the world in a rehab center while trying to recover from severe anorexia. When a concerned teacher suggests Dan seek h...

    Completed   Mature
  • lights out » d.h [DISCONTINUED]
    149K 7.4K 34

    "Are you the devil?" "If you aren't a monster, then what are you? What can possibly be worse?" "A mad man." A Dan Howell fanfic. Warning Triggers: explicit language, sexual content, mental institutions, mental illnesses, drug use, gore. Mature content, some might find offensive. - Enjoy. ~ (Amazing cover by cliquot o...

  • Dan + Phil Quotes
    294 20 7

    Funny Memories and Gifs of these amazing people! Love them both!

  • Pretty Boy // PHAN
    241K 9.6K 104

    "I was too scared to say 'hi'." • Dan and Phil are both nine in the beginning •

  • Bruises. •Phan•
    283K 9.1K 101

    Trigger Warning: physical/mental abuse "You are the mistake that ruined my life"

  • Maybe it's enough - Phan (Completed)
    292K 14.6K 20

    Dan's the new kid in school, expelled from his last for threatening a teacher. Dan's family hoping this will be a new start, don't know their son's biggest secret. Will Dan have the confidence to tell his father about the way he feels? Or will he continue to be the rebellious teenager he is? Phil is completely the o...

  • dear dan // a dan howell fanfic
    156K 6.6K 21

    dear dan, I know you probably won't read this, but I might as well take a chance.

  • What Now? || Dan Howell, AmazingPhil, Smosh, Pewdiepie, Tobuscus
    170K 5.1K 36

    Smosh, Dan, Phil, Tobuscus AND Pewdiepie in one fan fic :D Cameron Turner is an American YouTuber. She goes on with her life making YouTube videos and going out with friends like a normal person. She goes to Vidcon and meets all her YouTube friends (and crush). She has a normal couple of days at Vidcon then once that'...

  • A Million Men (Phan)
    1.6K 157 13

    Dan truly was ruined from the start, sold at age 5 to a group of men.This is a song fic for melanie martinez's unreleased song ' a million men' and so it'd fit with dan (considering hes male) i changed some of the words but literally only genderbent it. If you havent heard it you totally need to its boss omfg, i feel...

  • wounds » phan » two
    50.5K 72 1

    » sequel to scars dan has never been more broken. but can he be mended again, by the same person who broke him? © squishowell

  • The Perks Of Being A Youtuber
    2.6K 130 6

    Alexia and Ember Archer were twins, non-identical and polar opposites. They stuck together like glue. Alexia had an exterior of ice. She was impulsive, badass, feisty and sarcastic. It seemed like the only person who could melt her cold personality was her sister. Ember was the bubbly, carefree girl who could make a f...

  • Haunting (Phan)
    240 19 13

    Dan is cold, alone, hungry, and being followed by the ghosts of his traumatic past. His brain can't tell the difference between old horrors and new friendships. Will Phil be able to save him, or will Dan's former lifestyle be too much for either of them to handle? ~Trigger Warning: homophobia, physical abuse, rape, a...

  • amnesia ;; phan
    18.1K 1.1K 4

    "Who are you?" + Joint phan fic by jetblackhowell and takethisfolieadeux.

  • late night thoughts ;; phan
    83.6K 6.7K 12

    You asked me if I was okay. I said yes. Why did I say yes, Dan?

    Completed   Mature
  • gap in the wall//phan au
    85.3K 4.4K 30

    In which Dan has been kidnapped and Phil occupies the cell next to him. I'm going to go ahead and put a trigger warning for violence and homophobia on this; I'm not sure how much there will be but I'm just being safe.

  • insane - phan au
    17.9K 777 5

    phil's entirely normal. dan's entirely not.

  • leech boy || phan
    14.2K 790 11

    au where dan works at a flower shop and phil fits his aesthetic of the shop //all in dans pov// (trigger warnings will be at top of chapters)