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  • Tears of a Teen Mom
    12.3K 204 3

    Madison Delores Had a perfect life, until she got pregnant by her boyfriend. now she has to face retliation to support a living person inside of her.

  • Forbidden Love
    252K 7K 39

    I slap him across the face. Then I shove him. After that, I start to punch his chest repeatedly, still crying. "I HATE YOU! YOU'RE A HORRIBLE PERSON! A HORRIBLE KING! A HORRIBLE ALPHA! AND THE WORST MATE KNOWN TO MANKIND!" As soon as I say the words, I regret it. His eyes darken until their black. He shoves me back...

  • We Got That Summer Love (Paul Zimmer and Danny Edge Fan Fiction)
    45.4K 1.1K 25

    Sixteen year old Isabella Green and her family go to the beautiful California for summer vacation for her father's business trip. At first Isabella was crushed that she doesn't get to spend the summer with her friends but soon everything changes, not only does she have her eyes on the beautiful beaches and oceans but...

  • Him. (A Paul Zimmer Fan Fic.)
    89.8K 2K 32

    My Names Erin Hughes. I Go To Pace High School. I'm Not The Most Popular Person In The World, I Don't Have A Million Friends. But I Get By Pretty Well. My Names Paul Zimmer. I'm One Of The Most Popular Guy At My School, I'm The Star Quarter Back, & Have A Smoking Hot Girlfriend. When Paul & Erin Meet Everything Chan...

  • Feel Again
    203 10 10

    Evelyn's life used to be perfect before a tragic accident caused her to lose her family. Through a series of mistakes and adventures, she learns what it's like to live without the people that she loved.

  • To the moon and back
    152K 7.2K 44

    Harper Dale has finally gotten her life together and she couldn't be any happier... Until someone from Andrew's past makes a sudden reappearance and threatens to destroy everything Harper has become so comfortable with. In a chain of events that nobody saw coming; Harper's perfect life, yet again, has come crashing do...

  • Imessage.
    4K 96 7

    So i'm gonna make little imagines happening on imessage. Some are gonna be dirty/cute and others are gonna be just a little bit of fights and arguments. If you have any ideas feel free to give me some feedback (: