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  • 4 | Haunting Past
    16.6K 530 42

    Everyone has a past. Light. Or. Dark. And it always seems that everyone has something they want to forget. Troubles of the past come back to haunt the crew of the Ghost. The space family may be broken, but they aren't giving up. *** 1st book A Dark Truth 2nd book A Shadow 3rd book Another Goodbye 4th book Haunting Pa...

  • 3 | Another Goodbye
    22.1K 742 32

    "Without hope what chance do we have." *** "Sorry Ezra, I'm done." Sabine whispered into his ear and walked over to the Ghost. "Chopper set corse for Scarif we have some old friends to save." She told the droid getting in. "This time I'm moving on." She muttered as she got into the cockpit and left him, alone to dar...

  • 2 | A Shadow
    18.8K 830 27

    Sequel to Dark Truth. Kanan Jarrus, Ezra killed him in front of his very eyes. He was certain his Master was dead, gone, one with the force. But everything isn't as it seems. Ezra's memories were messed with, fate played her part, the Empire had control of Ezra, but when Ezra is freed from the hold of the Empire what...

  • 1 | Dark Truth
    50.9K 1.8K 32

    Ezra Bridger the guy Sabine Wren loved was taken by the Empire and was turned, he forgot everything, the Ghost, the crew and even Sabine. Sabine can't give up hope on him yet. They met again and Ezra has a tough choice to make. "We heard footsteps and the troopers immediately stood at attention, I then saw a face I ne...

  • Star Wars Rebels: Texting (complete)
    148K 10.3K 188

    Whats one thing that the Rebels like almost as much as rebelling against the Empire? Texting, of course. WARNING: randomness and references WARNING 2: it gets really weird towards the end okay WARNING 3: DO NOT READ. RUN WHILE YOU CAN. THIS IS HELL ON EARTH. FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, RUN. HIGHEST RANKINGS: #4...

  • I Love You Too
    30K 559 20

    Ezra has loved Sabine since moment one and loved her even more after she comforted him after Malachor, little does Ezra know that Sabine loves him back. |Cover Art: meldy-arts (tumblr)|

  • Star Wars Rebels - Light in the Darkness
    15.7K 193 17

    (Set after season two) For two long years Ezra Bridger has fought against the Empire with some of his best friends, among them the legendary fan of art and explosions, Sabine Wren. Times of conflict and peace alike have brought this pair closer than anyone realises and they've become the best of friends. When the E...

    Completed   Mature
  • Together
    12.9K 223 17


  • Sabezra Forever
    77.4K 1.4K 47

    Ezra has had a crush on Sabine since day one. Little does he know, Sabine feels the same way. When they admit their love for one another what will happen? Will they stay together? Find out in Star Wars: Sabezra Forever. Beautiful cover made by @sabinewren05 and cover art by @meldy_arts ALSO I do not own rebels or any...

  • Star wars rebels: reveled feelings (Sabine x ezra)
    34.7K 540 34

    Sabine always tried to ignore the fact that she liked ezra. What will happen to Sabine when ezra gets lost? What will she feel? What is gonna happen? Read this book to find out!!

  • Star Wars rebels. Sabine and Ezra- Sabezra
    1.1K 28 2

    Star Wars rebels. Lots of missions and a lot of Sabezra.

  • The last Straw: Sabine's Destiny
    14.8K 183 23

    Ezra and Sabine find out what they are actually meant to be. The Darksaber is one of their best assets.

  • Star Wars rebels: Ezra and Sabine one shots
    11.3K 262 9

    Romantic or humor one shots between the soon to be couple, Ezra and Sabine.