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  • My Puddin'
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    Alena Devitt, the youngest sister of Fergel Devitt whose also know as Finn Balor has entered the world of WWE. There she found her alter ego, Quinn. WWE very own Harley Quinn and there she found her "Mista J"

  • Angel of darkness
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    When Nia Jax want more competition, Stephanie knows just who to call the Angel Of Darkness the daughter of the Undertaker to come back to WWE one last time and show Nia Jax who's more dominant female. But when Rebecca comes back to Raw, she olny wants to find a fight with Nia Jax not find love with the Demon King. Fin...

  • Princess Devitt ( wwe / nxt / njpw story)
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    Princess Devitt After my 10 years of wrestling and all the different story lines, the fan still calls me that. Why do you ask? Because when I went to Japan I meet a man named Fergal Devitt aka Prince Devitt in Japan. When we meet he had already been there 3 years and he helps me stick with the dojo and I'm glad I did...