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  • The Only Reason (5sos+WWE)
    541 22 11

    All you could hear was the screams and the fans chanting no and the announce table being broken and a high pitched scream of Ashley Irwin.Ashley Irwin is the twin sister of Ashton Irwin and it goes back and forth. Every one who was Ashley friends betrayed her except for Becky Lynch Alexa Bliss and the Authority believ...

  • Pools of Blood and a Crimson Flood(Vincent Valentine xAnonymous!Suicidal!Reader)
    92 7 1

    A poetic story that tells of how you came across the mysterious man in red, and gives you a reason to live. TRIGGER WARNING

  • Be My Valentine
    23 0 1

  • Gentlemanly (Vincent X OC) {DISCONTINUED}
    410 15 15

    It started with a girl named Toxic approaching a like man in the park, Vincent. Who knew their friendship would turn into something special~? {DISCONTINUED FOR REASONS I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO EXPLAIN}

  • Eagle's Shadow - Vincent Valentine/Reno x Reader (Final Fantasy VII)
    736 20 8

    Apparently I started a Final Fantasy VII fanfiction when I was around 13 years old and only recently found it... ^_^' A friend of mine wanted me to upload it aaaaaaaaaand well here it shall remain... on the internet... what am I getting myself into...?! My 13 year old writing "skills" on the internet for people to se...

  • Reincarnated to another World
    92.1K 4.4K 53

    Misaki never left the hospital her whole life. From the minute she was born, her mother died and she almost did too. Both her mother and her was born with a rare disease that weakened the body. As such she had to spend her whole life in the hospital. She never was allowed to run and play. She was always alo...

  • Vincent Valentine X Son Male Reader
    2.6K 85 3

    Can't post without filling this in.

  • Just A Hug (Vincent Valentine X Reader Lemon)
    3.8K 53 1

    Ummmm first writing ever... and this is a lemon so mmmm tell me what you think i guess and i will take a few requests if i think i can work with them... so yeh... start reading dammit... (Ps i never learned how to spell or use propper grammer but i tryed really hard to do everything correct.)

    Completed   Mature
  • Red (Vincent Valentine x Reader)
    5.4K 115 4

    Vincent Valentine x Reader A fighter at heart, but a lover lost.

  • Infernal Devices | Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII)
    1.7K 100 8

    Vincent Valentine x Reader | Final Fantasy VII ✎ ONGOING + VERY SLOW UPDATES ❝ It is our INFERNAL DEVICES whom we turn to in the face of our DARKEST HOURS ❞ [F/N] [L/N] was a Turk at ShinRa Mansion, recruited to supervise the Jenova Project with Vincent Valentine. After getting caught up in a fatal attempt on Vincent'...

  • Vincent Valentine x Reader
    24.1K 841 19

    Vincent Valentine love story.

  • Crimson (Vincent Valentine x Reader)
    7.7K 269 8

    Sadness, disappointment, pain... that's what Reader-chan was feeling after realizing that her love for her best friend will never be requited. What made things even worse was the fact that Zack, whom she loved dearly, had just confessed his love to Aerith, who also happens to be the Reader's best friend. Being stuck b...

  • Vincent Valentine x Reader Part 2(Short Sequel)
    5.9K 215 6

    As you are making a recovery, you soon see the soft heart of your new lover you never knew he had *Requested by @DanielleRakes*

  • Vincent Valentine x Reader ( Man in Crimson)
    2.9K 121 2

    In this story, you, the reader, will be in charge. After an ambush of wild beast, you are rescued by a mysterious man with a dark past. Can you uncover his secrets and possibly heal his wounded heart?

  • The Man In Red Vincent X Reader
    132 5 1

    an x reader with vincent valentine

  • Vincent Valentine x reader
    831 22 2

    This story will have romance, action, and lemon and is about the character Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7