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  • Depression
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    Depression~A state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behaviour, tendencies, feelings, mental health, or sense of well-being. Depression Hotline: 866-567-8352 Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255 The purpose of this book is to make people aware that even in this awful state, their not a...

  • Chaos
    42.5K 1.7K 25

    The front door unlocks, groaning in protest as it swings open. Keys land on wood. Firm, calculated footsteps come down the hallway. Angela's heart nearly escapes it's cage; it pounds on the fragile bars of it's home. The footsteps come closer until the figure comes around the corner. He's home. DISORDER SERIES: Insomn...

  • Hidden Life
    686K 22.4K 38

    Highest Ranking - #1 in Action Send covers or banners to my email (below)! Maddison Claire has two different personalities. One, as a nerd in school who is too shy to do anything against the popular group, and the badass streetfighter who is also the only gang leader in America who is female. What happens when so...

  • Potere | Book II
    60.1K 4K 5

    [BOOK TWO] When the Russians dismantle one of the largest and fastest growing Italian Mafia family's in the States, war is declared. To avenge their friend's death, a fallen king, a washed up queen, a struggling couple, and a depressed brother must come back together to fight. Through their own series of trials and t...

  • Taken by the Russian Mafia's Boss Book 2
    207K 5.9K 87

    Four years later, Sofia and Arseny are now married. they have a beautiful 4 years old daughter named Mollie. the couples now are like parents figures to Natasha. Life seems perfect until Arseny brings home a so called new maid. whom is really just there for Arseny BSDM obsession.

    Completed   Mature
  • Taken by the Russian Mafia's Boss
    437K 10K 49

    Sofia Gonzales is a 17 year old girl,whom is kind and attractive. her dad died of lung cancer, which leaves her with her mother named Carmen. Her dad Jose owned a Mexican Restaurant which Carmen now runs due to her husband death. Arseny Vladimir is a 26 year old Russian Mafia Leader. One night, Arseny and his guards...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chasing Christ
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    a Christian devotional.

  • In Love With A Christian Girl (Christian Bwwm Romance) ✔
    26.5K 1.8K 13

    Meet Sarah. A beautiful, bubbly Christian woman who loves God and people. ********** Meet Tyler. A reckless bad boy with a rough past who doesn't want anything to do with church or people. Until he meets Sarah, his life is changed forever. Cover By: weidnersdancer17

  • Sold to the Mafia
    2.3M 65.4K 88

    19 year old, Sophie chambers lives with her abusive dad and step mom, who is frankly an utter bitch. The small family have a worryingly small amount of money and a large debt to one of the most well known guys around and you don't want to get in the way of the hot blooded Italian. Sophie's dad and step mom finally co...

  • Crestfallen- Book V- Prologue
    31.9K 792 1

    ***COMING SOON*** This is a prologue to my other books in the Impero Series. ____ Adrianna Benitez had kept herself hidden from the world with her nose in a book and sitting in her dorm constantly. She wasn't your average, party-type college student. She was a stranger, compared to everyone else....that is, except fo...

  • Reign- Book IV
    51.3K 1.4K 3

    When she was only a little girl, Alessandra Manfredini was forced into lessons that claimed to make her a "proper lady" in the future, and so that she'd marry well into becoming a heiress. She had always wondered what a bit of freedom was like....since she was always locked up in a room all day. She could've called he...

  • Immortal Love ~ Enzo TVD
    3.5K 78 9

    Grace Johnsons' world starts to change completely, when she meets Enzo St. John, who has a big secret.

  • Heartbreak (Lorenzo St. John fanfiction.)
    6K 40 16

    When Juliet salvatore, little sister of Damon and Stevan salvatore, arrives in mystic falls after 100 years of fleeing the country trying to escape from her sworn enemies, the originals. Oblivious to what she's doing wrong, her brothers shut her In their basement. Due to what they call her 'ripper problem.' What she d...

  • Counting Sheep
    79.6K 4.7K 41

    **This book is in a series and does not have to be read in order, but it is recommended to get the most enjoyment from the series!! :) the first book is "Mia, Mine" And the second is "Amare". Counting Sheep is the 3rd!** Julian 'Frank' Graves is not known for much and the one thing he is known for is being 'The Cleane...

  • Taglione || Mafia's Law
    32.8K 2.3K 10

    La legge del Taglione = one of the oldest existing laws, consist of fair reciprocity of crime and punishment; "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". ***** Natalia Tatiana D'ambrosi has been living her 19 years old life in complete darkness to everything her father is. When she is finally ready to face the truth, s...

  • Vidal
    64.4K 2.1K 12

    In this world gang members can come in every way, shape, or form. Whether they are arms dealers, drug smugglers, female, hitmen, or family men, they still can brand the title gangster. Camilla Aurelia, a young directionless woman with a past worth forgetting, moves to New York City from Waterloo to see more of what t...

  • Amare (#Wattys2016)
    132K 5.7K 48

    Book 2 in this series! You do not need to read in order, but it is recommended to get the most enjoyment! :) *Mia, Mine is #1* Alice Amaro just wants freedom and to explore, but what she quickly learns is that having her freedom comes at a price... A price that Alice will pay for--with her life... **************...

  • Born To Kill
    12.3K 521 26

    "Lesson one. Never cross Alexander Valentino" I pressed on one of the knives in his hand. "Lesson two. Never call me Princess!" with that I gracefully cut his throat with my katana. His throat instantly started bleeding . Making the sounds of Santini drowning in his own blood, fill the room. "Remind me to never...

  • NOAH: Her Forbidden Beast
    88.3K 4K 54

    *COMPLETED* BOOK 2 of the BLOOD MOON PACK SERIES Noah Maverick was never the same. He's hardened himself to everyone, including his son. Noah was the beta of the Blood Moon Pack and also was committed into an arranged marriage to unite two packs as one. However on the journey to his fiancé's pack, he gets attacked and...

  • Tragic
    5.9M 182K 50

    *Wattpad Featured Story* While forbidden fruit is said to be usually is. Elliot Monroe always found herself tangled when it comes to love and relationships. Hunter Graham is no exception. He is her secret. And it's beautiful

    Completed   Mature
  • Into The Woods (18+)
    610K 24.4K 4

    Aceso has always been sheltered by her pack ever since she was a little girl. Never being allowed to leave for school field trips, and always kept on a tight leash. Little does she know that when she turned of age the malicious secrets of her pack come out to play... Xavier Campbell has never had it easy in life. In a...

  • Miracle (18+)
    304K 14.2K 11

    FOURTH BOOK IN THE CARMICHAEL SERIES Brock Carmichael has been wandering through life (and more specifically beds...) ever since he was a senior in high school. Against his parents' wishes, he moved to upscale New York right out of college to get a fresh start. But then a few years later, life decided to throw him a h...

  • Scar on my Heart (18+)
    2.8M 104K 23

    "It never seems to fail, the rich ones' panties are always soaked at the sight of a little ink and muscle." *** THIRD BOOK IN THE CARMICHAEL SERIES - MUST READ EITHER KNOX'S GIRL OR LEAGUE OF HER OWN (or both) TO UNDERSTAND!! "Have you learned your lesson about talking back yet, baby? Or do you need to find out why t...

  • Knox's Girl (18+)
    12.4M 308K 42

    "Get the f*ck out of my house!" My dad shouted. "Gladly, but before I go I have just one thing to say. You've never been a good father. You've always treated Poppy and her mother like absolute sh*t." "You know nothing about being a father, you little punk!" "Yeah, well your innocent little girl calls me daddy...

  • League of Her Own (18+)
    2M 74.2K 7

    SECOND BOOK IN THE CARMICHAEL SERIES Troy is just like his dad in the respect that he goes after whatever he wants, and he always gets it. He's been struggling in school ever since he was a kid. With having dyslexia, it made making it to college nearly impossible, not to mention along with being the top athlete at his...

  • The Man Beneath Me
    347K 17.4K 12

    Moving in to my new apartment was something made of a dream. Living above the scariest man in New York was something made of a nightmare. His aim was to make my living life hell. His aim was to have me in every way he could. Whilst he hated everybody around him, he didn't realise his fascination for me was potent. I...

  • The Wrong Type of Obsession
    264K 10.3K 37

    **Warning: This story has incest, sex, graphic language, violence, and same sex relations. If any of the former bothers you, don't read.** Bailey can handle most anything. He helped raise his two younger brothers since he was ten when his parents got bombarded with work. Even though it is tough managing two teens, his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Psycho Billionaire ✔️
    2.8M 143K 50

    Highest Rank #1 (4/9/17) "Why do you want me to stay here?" I asked. "Because I think you are beautiful and I would like a woman like yourself by my side." Jasper said. "I'm really sorry, I can't stay here. You have already done enough for me." His brows arched up, "I'm not giving you a choice, sweetheart and neither...

  • Nikolai
    79.2K 2.7K 5

    NIKOLAI IVANOV, King of Chicago's underworld . He's ruthless ,cold-hearted ,rich, and handsome. He won't think about putting a bullet in your head, if you piss him off. But all he really wants is for someone to love him despite his past . MAYA COOPER , a sweet and innocent girl who believes that everyone is good i...

  • Oreos||BWWM
    1.7M 61.3K 31

    Some people like the cookie. Some like the cream. I like them together, with some milk of course. But, I'm not talking about Oreos. Nope. This is my life. ___________________ BWWM ___________________ ©All Rights Reserved 2014. Highest ranking: ChickLit #45 Romance #14