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  • The Wings of Freedom (Levi x OC)
    26.7K 694 38

    "The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life." Nanami Akiyama could not thing of a more true statement. Her bloodline doesn't define her family; their are others who fit the role of family better. Especially when the only family by blood she has could not be mo...

  • side lined middle (code geass)
    2.1K 61 15

    forcus to acted on someone else will. just trying to stay out off it. just trying to live. but when your life starts turning to so when a stranger saves your life and gives you a contact. what else are your suppost to do.

  • Light And Dark (Code Geass Fanfic)
    4.2K 120 7

    Lianna vi britannia is lelouch twin sister when marian's death, Charles decide lelouch and nunnally to go to japan while lianna will stay in the britannia The twins upset when they separate together. When they are teenager, lelouch had a contract from C.C/C2 a power OF geass means lianna had a geass to(i mean ther...

  • Everlasting Flames ~Code Geass Fanfiction~
    1K 58 7

    Name: Catherine Manson Age: 17 Nationality: Half-blood Britannian Father: Derek Manson (Britannian) Mother: Naomi Kurosawa (Japanese) Occupation: Student, member of Student Council, terrorist School: Ashford Academy Aliasses: Monica Mandrake Abilities: Piloting, Geass Acquaintances: Lelouch Lamperouge, Milly Ashford...

  • Storms of the Heart [Code Geass Fanfiction; LelouchXOC]
    22.1K 657 18

    Adelice is a long time family friend and love interest of Lelouch, but how will she react when she finds out that he is the masked man, Zero? Lelouch X OC Thank you to my followers, friends and boyfriend that encourage me everyday. I love you all.

  • The Older Potter
    502K 22.4K 100

    Samantha Potter lived a normal life. She went to Hogwarts, played Quidditch, and tried to pass History of Magic. But that all changes when she reunites with the Boy Who Lived, her younger brother. Secrets will be revealed, memories will be made, and Dark forces must be stopped. *Reached #12 in Fanfiction* Everything...

  • The Queen of Them (Kaneki Ken x Reader)
    36.1K 1.1K 31

    (Y/l/n) (Y/n) was dating a ghoul that is known as 'Snake Reaper'. His real name was Kagome Jack. She was a human at the time and knew the risk of being in a relationship with a ghoul-since she knew that he was a ghoul. But, almost being in a two year relationship, something on Jack snapped, making him attack his only...

    Completed   Mature
  • L'Ombre et la Lumière (Harry Potter Fanfiction)
    27.4K 1.5K 56

    Après 14 années à rester dans les abysses du comas, et les ténèbres de l'oublie, une jeune femme reviens sur les terres ancienne de Poudlard, à moins de ne jamais les avoir quittées? Ce monde qu'elle a quittée , est t'il toujours le même?Les gens qu'elle a quittée...sont t'ils toujours ceux qu'elle a connue par le pas...