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  • The Other Twin: the story of Renesmee's twin.
    351K 8.7K 28

    When Bella had Renesmee, there was another child. Alexa. She was smaller, yet a bit more beautiful. What happens to her? Read to find out.

  • New Rise - Book 4
    350K 8.7K 29

    Renesmee struggles to understand the complications of being an adult. With those complications comes one that has her deeply torn. Love. With the past between her mother and Jake in the open and the recent realization of her relationship with Jake she can now begin to feel normal.

  • Sunlight - Book 3
    574K 10.6K 30

    With the threat of the Volturi finally gone Bella and Edward decide to shut those worries up in a cabinet for the rest of eternity. Now after a new move they have decided to settle and live normal. This is where the sunlight begins as Renesmee finally begins her life. School, horomones, mood swings and romance are jus...

  • Solar Eclipse - Book 5
    255K 6.4K 25

    As Renesmee and Nicholi finally pick up and move to Alaska they think everything will get better. With the faux deaths of their friends under the wraps they have nothing to worry about until they receive a threatening note from an unknown sender with the words YOU KILLED ME written in blood. Who is the mysterious send...

  • Twilight Midnight Sun - Book 2
    653K 11.3K 27

    The promised visit of the Volturi came sooner then expected for my family. Instead of a wintery war we were getting one under the midnight sun. This would be the beginning of the end for some and the beginning of a new life for others. Only we didn't know who would win and who would lose. This is the final fight for f...

  • Twilight Breaking Dusk - Book 1
    2.2M 26.4K 41

    [This is a Breaking Dawn continuation story] After the Volturi had left my family and I in peace we planned to live happily ever after. Only, to live happily ever after would come with a great cost especially when you thwarted the Volturi. They knew that they were over powered at the moment and left peacefully. Littl...