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  • No Love(Dinah/You)
    20.5K 782 6

    "Tell me you don't and I'll leave." I said. Silence. "That's all I need." I walked away from her and didn't look back. G!P Y/n Really Short Cover by LoLoismylove

  • Texting ➳ Dinah Jane
    148K 7.4K 46

    [COMPLETED] unknown number - 3:30am hi beautiful -- 2017.

    Completed   Mature
  • After me (Dinah/you)
    35.7K 1.2K 28

    Well... I'm gone now. Let's just see how life goes After Me. But good and rare things only happen to good people in this world. Let's see if I'm one of them. Started:February/5/2017 Finished:June/14/2017

  • Make up your mind Dinah/you
    102K 3.5K 40

    "Make up your mind Dinah God damn it!! I have feelings!! I know I'm young but I'm not dumb! Me or her!?" Y/n said tears running down her face .. I hate seeing her like this and more if it's my fault..I love her..but she's my student and I have Normani..what do i do.?

  • Unmasked Dinah/You G!P
    12.2K 404 9

    Y/N is a very mysterious girl she the shy one in school and always where's a hoodie most people think shes just a nerd a nobody but what they don't know is that she's loaded and her parents are very high up on the business chain what if one day she bumps into a girl an girl and becomes unmasked. but her parents aren't...

  • Best Descison (Dinah/you)
    42.2K 1.9K 13

    When Fifth Harmony decide to add a random number to their group chat, could it just be the best Descison they've ever made?

  • White Diamonds- Dinah/You
    33.1K 1.3K 19

    Y/N Y/L became a new star. But she didn't want to be solo after signing with Syco. So she joined a newly formed multigender group. What happens when she finds out shes touring with Fifth Harmony? And when a certain member she had a mild crush on also takes some intrest in her. (If you want to publish/translate this...

  • Drunk Texting Dinah/you
    150K 6.2K 44

    Drunk text measages was something you had never experienced before. Could it possibly change your life? Read to find out!

  • Unknown Number Dinah/You
    70.4K 2.6K 28

    Y/N gets a text from an unknown number, will she text the unknown number back or will she ignore it? The one thing Y/n finds over text is that they both live in California, do they share anything else together?

  • What Are You? (Dinah/You G!P)
    27.1K 972 10

    Y/N Archer is a 19 year old spy, but there is something about her that nobody but the spy organization knows about. Y/N was experimented on, and now, she's a mutant with very unpredictable powers and abilities. Y/N is Fifth Harmony's new private body guard.

  • Fifth Harmony/Camila Texts (Dinah/You) {On Hold}
    217K 7K 75

    Just a fun text book with you and the girls. This is a Dinah/You story. ••• Dinah adds a random number to the girls' group chat, which results in an inseparable friendship, and an undeniable romance.