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  • Million Dollar Man
    11.4M 331K 20

    Gangs. That was the one thing that had ruined Evelyn Summers life since the start. With her brother being the leader of “The London's Eyes,”growing up in a world of cruelty was something Evelyn Summers had to become accustomed to. But thing's about to get a whole lot worse. Gangs are starting to form all over London...

  • Roommates ✔
    127M 3M 51

    "Doll face, you might say you hate me, but we both know you think otherwise." He speaks with the annoying smirk plastered on his face and I roll my eyes. "As if," "Babycakes..." "What's up with you and the change in nicknames?" I snap and his smirk stretches. "Feisty now aren't we, sugar." "Just shut up!" "I could, bu...

  • Bad Boy Isn't My Type... (Published as 'The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Boys)
    65M 1.4M 50

    "The good girl always falls for the bad boy," he sneered and I smirked. "Well, you're in luck because I'm not a good girl," I retorted, causing a small smile to appear on his face. "Prove it." When Andy Deeks moves away from home to attend university, she soon regrets not checking out the details on her new roommate...

  • The Book Club (18+ Only) [COMPLETED]
    7.1M 147K 12

    [Edited Version] "We only read erotica," Fiona said with a straight face. "Come again?" I asked, clutching my copy of Jane Eyre to my chest. I suddenly felt like a girl who'd come to a fancy-dress party dressed as herself. "Oh, come on, Janelle," Fiona smiled, pulling my hand and leading me into the room. The light in...

    Completed   Mature
  • War For Love And Power (Empire Story)
    3.2K 92 10

    What if things were different. What if they weren't fighting for just power but also Love. Julia is a sweet innocent girl but inside is a wild tomboy that loves to party. She's Jamal's childhood friend when he was going through tough times. Hakeem and Jamal are both high over heels for her. Join Julia as she goes on...

  • Empire
    2.8K 87 6

    This is my adapation of one of my new favorite shows Empire, which features two of my favorite actors. Only certain events match the show's plotline so if you happen to come across something that has not happened or won't happen, just keep in mind that this is "my" version of the story or how I feel it should go. I ho...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Vampire Diaries Imagines
    3M 53K 103

    ❝ This family makes me want to murder people. ❞ A book of one shots about the lovely characters of The Vampire Diaries. All imagines are character x reader! Includes most male characters. This book also contains smut, possibly triggering themes and ""language"", so read with caution in case you're uncomfortable with...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chasing Red
    203M 7M 86

    Chasing Red and Always Red are now published and available in ebook and paperback on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and Google Play. Links on my profile :) When cynical straight-A college student Veronica Strafford gets kicked out of her apartment, notorious basketball player Caleb Lockhart offers her a place to sta...

  • Cheater. Faker. Troublemaker. & Love Her, Leave Her (#Wattys Winner 2016)
    15.8M 748K 163

    OFFICIAL AUDIOBOOK NOW PUBLISHED BY HACHETTE AUDIO/HACHETTE BOOK GROUP *WATTYS WINNER 2016 - VORACIOUS READS AWARD* #1 ACTION & FEATURED IN LIFE & STYLE, OK MAGAZINE, and THOUGHT CATALOG When a late night fight between Alex Summers and her ex goes terribly wrong, she's lucky to find the silver lining in narrowly escap...

  • From the Ash: Book I
    47.6K 1.2K 10

    Five days. It took me five days to crawl out from the bowels of the rubble. Emerging from my tomb, into a world nothing more than a wasteland; propelled into chaos where everyone has all but lost their humanity. My name is Phoenix, and the world as I knew it ended that day. The day the human race was nearly eradicat...

  • Economics
    6.9K 72 15

  • Marketing
    1.9K 15 1

  • The French Revolution
    547 2 10

  • The Story of the French Revolution
    3.1K 127 13

    It's the Revolution of France