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  • Selling my Virginity to the Alpha
    17.8M 753K 90

    What do you do when you're in a crisis? A financial crisis? A) Borrow money off someone B) Find a job C) Sell your virginity Caliana Hart, like any normal girl, chose option C. Of course, it's not any guy she sells it too, it's someone feared by many and well... not entirely human. Temporary cover: ayeitsning

  • Checkmate, Darling[WEREWOLF]
    3.7M 116K 45

    From what i could see, my attacker wore shorts and is half naked. I refused to look at him. But something in my gut told me to do so. What if he kills me? I'll be dead with a capital D. Nonetheless, I decided to go with my gut instincts. His dark blue eyes looked like an beautiful ocean in the night. He has the perfe...

  • My Broken, Mute Mate (Completed)
    7.6M 252K 53

    Highest Rank: #3 in werewolf He looks over everyone, inhaling deeply, trying to pick out a scent. "She's here," he whispered with a smile. He walked through the sea of girls, to the back row where all of the lower class wolves stood, me among them. He slowly passed each girl, sniffing them, everyone of them frowning a...

  • Rejected, Replaced & Forgotten
    8.9M 245K 25

    Alpha-to-be Cole Emerson loves his laid back life and will do anything to keep it that way; even if it means rejecting his soul mate. Livy Holden is the quiet girl who keeps her head down and tries to avoid confrontation. On Cole's eighteenth birthday both he and Livy are shocked to discover that they're mates. Reje...

  • The White Wolf's Mate... Is The Alpha...
    93.1K 3.2K 18

    Unixy Skyler's life has been nothing but perfect since she was born. She grew up with three younger siblings, and two loving parents; her father being the deputy at the local police station, and her mom, a doctor. Her 17th birthday is nearing, so that means nothing bad could happen now... Right? When her life is put...

  • The Broken Mates ✔
    4.8M 139K 50

    #6 Highest Ranking In Werewolf 8/22/2016 *Previously titled "Theseus" *Short Chapters ~~~~~~~~~~ A soul who brought dread to others at the thought of his name. Theseus Alistair Cage is acknowledged for his immense power at such a young age, causing him to be feared by the weak and loathed by the envious. He's unstopp...

  • My Ex Alpha is my Mate
    2.3M 58K 28

    I looked at her, tears were forming in her eyes, my heart drops. "No" she gasps "No, you can't be my... No, no, no this can't be happening." She turns around to hide her face from me, I feel my wolf whimper. I reach out to grab her arm but she jerks away. "Isabelle stop please! You're my mate, I won't let you go." I...

  • His Mate. (Being Edited)
    773K 16.3K 33

    He has been in love with her since the day he laid eyes on her. When he finds out that they are mates can they live happily ever after or is someone out to make her life miserable?

  • The Mating Games
    12.6M 308K 43

    I am Sophia. This year I have to be in The Mating games, but unlike most of them I will fight till the end. What happens when Sophia's mate ends up being the most powerful alpha in the world. Will she fight or will she submit? Or will she end up fighting against something much worse?

  • My Mate, My Enemy
    669K 26.1K 24

    Lux Freemen is caught in between two opposing forces. Daughter of a anti-werewolf activist and a werewolf, she is conflicted between what is she and what she has been conditioned to believe. Her beliefs are tested when she is abducted by rogues and thrown into the world her father taught her to fear and the world she...

  • The Prince's Mate
    5M 145K 22

    Serena is taken from her home by the King's men and is dragged to the Royal Palace to be prepped and presented to Prince Sebastian Winchester the second. Her along with nine other girls are showcased to the Prince for him to choose. But what she never expected was to be chosen. Meanwhile, a prophecy has been made by t...